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Center for Biological Control

Chalcid pupa
The Center for Biological Control Mission is to facilitate the implementation of biological control through research, training and outreach programs; provide or support forums for intellectual discussion; provide a structure for the development of interagency cooperation for biological control; and publicly promote the benefits of biological control and sustainable development. 


  • Develop new opportunities for research and extension activities in biological control
  • Increase capacity-building through funds for graduate and postdoctoral training in biological control
  • Facilitate collaboration between biological control programs in California via coordination of annual conferences, working groups and lecture series.

What is Biological Control?  Biological Control is the use of natural enemies to control pests. To get a more detailed understanding of biological control, visit our informative page that describes some of the history and breadth of this science. 

Giving to the Center 

Associated working groups

Flea beetle natural enemy of leafy spurge.  USDA-ARS

Aphthona flea beetle feeding on the weed, leafy spurge.  USDA-ARS photo.

Directors Steering Committee
Dr. Kent Daane is a Specialist at UC Berkeley and is
in charge of the Biological Control Laboratory at the Kearney Dr. Kent DaaneAgricultural Center, and works on biological control of pest problems in almonds, grapes, olives and lettuce.

Contact information:
Phone: 559-284-5931

Dr. Nicholas J.  Mills is a Professor of Entomology at UC Berkeley.  His research focuses on natural enemy ecology and biological control of pests in forest and agroecosystems.Dr. Nick MillsCurrent projects include research on controls for light brown apple moth and aphids.

Contact information:
Phone: 510-642-1711

Dr. Ray Carruthers, USDA-ARS
Dr. Kent Daane, UC Berkeley
Dr. Andrew Gutierrez, UC Berkeley
Dr. Marshall Johnson, UC Riverside
Dr. Nick Mills, UC Berkeley
Dr. Charlie Pickett, CDFA


The Center for Biological Control is administered by two faculty Co-directors, Dr. Nicholas Mills and Dr. Kent Daane, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management.  The Center reports to the Executive Associate Dean of Research of the College of Natural Resources.  Center affiliated faculty are housed within several departments in the College.  The Center has a Steering Committee that oversees and provides direction for research and extension activities, and is comprised of biological control researchers from within the UC system, USDA-ARS, and California Dept. of Food and Agriculture.  Our Advisory Committee will include private sector and government members, and will provide guidance on setting goals, policy and Center direction.