Population Graphs of Psyllids on Lemon and Spotted Gum
© The Regents of the University of California, (2005)

The following graphs plot the mean number of psyllid adults (both spotted gum psyllid and lemon gum psyllid) caught per week in traps set in plots around Disney Resort, Anaheim, Lakewood, and Buena Vista, California. Error bars around the psyllid means indicate how variable the traps were. Also plotted is proportion of spotted gum psyllids that are female.

To be viewed in their native format these graph pages require Microsoft Internet Explorer with the Sigmaplot viewer. The first time you click on one of the links below, a viewer for Sigmaplot files (from SPSS Science) will be downloaded to your computer - please allow time for this viewer to load. You may zoom in or print a graph by right-clicking on the page.

For other Internet browsers the graphs will appear as .JPG graphics and also may be printed from your browser.

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Disneyland Resort, Orange County:

Plot at N. Walnut Street

Plot at Dons PG, Ball Street

Lakewood, Los Angeles County:

Plot at Del Amo Avenue

Buena Vista, San Diego County:

Plot at Buena Vista Park


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