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Chalcid pupa

Many sites exist on the web today that provide information on biological control.  We have attempted to list and categorize as many as possible, but please contact us if you have any additional sites or corrections

What is this site about?
Applied research and biocontrol regulation
Integrated pest management research and extension programs
Sustainable agriculture research and extension programs
Insect biology, ecology and management at UC Berkeley
Arthropod systematics research; museum
Insect biology, ecology and management at UC Davis
Insect biology, ecology and management at UC Riverside
What is this site about?
Research, extension info. (Formerly Midwest BC News)
Informative site on natural enemy production
Regional projects, funding,
Cornell University biological control educational site
National IPM Network biological control information
Research, extension projects (R. O'Neil Lab site)
N. Central Reg. Committee on BC (NCR-125) site
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University; biocontrol projects
USDA-ARS Gainesville, Florida site
Search this site for federal research and extension BC projects
USDA-APHIS - Plant Protection and Quarantine site

National ESA site - all things entomology

National society site: insect and arthropod diseases
Univ. of Nebraska lab. site
Ohio State University; NE, SARE-produced website on entomopathogenic nematodes
What is this site about?                                      
Global biological control organization, projects
Provided by CABI Publishing, a biocontrol news site
USDA biological control research, Montpelier, France
USDA biological control research, Brisbane, AU
A research and development network of universities and Canadian government research institutions
What is this site about?                                      
Government "gateway" to invasive species information
Invasive weed site; B. Blossey lab., Cornell Univ.
USDA-ARS invasive plant research, Florida
Systematists  Websites listed here are for institutions or individuals that might be able to help with arthropod identification. Inclusion here does not constitute an agreement on their part to identify specimens. Arrangements for ID need to be conducted between individuals involved and some institutions charge for their expertise.