Curriculum Vita: David L. Rowney
(last updated October 2004)

Title: Statistician

Unit: Center for Biological Control, Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management, Insect Biology, and Office of Instruction and Student Affairs

College: Natural Resources

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Education: Batchelor of Science, University of California, Berkeley: 1968


Statistical Analysis: My primary emphasis is in analysis of field insect and disease data using multivariate analyses, non-parametric and graphical methods. Also experienced in determining sample sizes and experimental setups using simulations and bootstrap methods.

Computer Language and Software Skills: Experience with Java, BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN,; Systat, SAS, and SPSS statistical database languages; Microsoft Access, Paradox and dBase databases; Excel (VB applications programming), Lotus, Quattro, and Mathcad. Familiar with many word processing and graphics packages including Microsoft Word, , Freelance, Powerpoint, and SigmaPlot. Skilled with HTML - web site authoring, setup of Internet connectivity including email (Eudora and others), FTP, news, dialup and network TCP/IP. Desktop publishing and illustrating experience with Adobe Pagemaker,  Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Computer operating system experience: Installing and troubleshooting these systems: Windows XP, 2000, NT 4, 98-95, 3.1, Linux, MS-DOS, IBM OS/2; Internet connectivity and networking.

Also experienced running software under these systems:

IBM VM/CMS, UNIX, Data General, CDC, Sperry mainframes, Linux, Apple Macintosh. My skills with computers include hardware maintenance and troubleshooting: Intel ISA/PCI systems, TCP/IP and Microsoft networking, modems, printers, plotters and other peripherals. I also have extensive experience supporting computer users by providing guidance and help with software problems.

Laboratory operations: I have extensive experience planning and carrying out laboratory and field research projects, including supervising laboratory assistants and graduate students. I have had overall laboratory supervisory experience.

Publications: Extensive scientific writing and editing skills - co-authored 43 publications (9/2003). (see publications list).

Languages: Spanish (written, with some verbal experience)

Other skills: I have basic entomology skills including insect trapping techniques, microscope work, lab rearing of beneficial insects, and field sampling using pole pruners and other equipment. I have comprehensive experience in forestry measurement methods (tree size, stand and site characteristics), wildland navigation and mapping, , weather and temperature measurement methods and equipment, and outdoor survival skills including backpacking, camping, and cross-country skiing. I am proficient with 35 mm and video photography, including computer imaging and macrophotography.

Recreational interests: Bicycling, hiking/mountaineering, skiing, photography, race car driving, travel, gardening.


1996-2001. Web page designer and desktop publishing. College of Natural Resources, Office of Instruction and Student Affairs, and Center for Biological Control.

1973- present: Statistician (current), Staff Research Associate, and Laboratory Assistant. Insect Biology, ESPM, Center for Biological Control (current), and Dept. of Plant Pathology (1975-1980), University of California.

My initial work included field an laboratory collection of forest entomology and pathology data, design of data capture methods, and computer data management. Later I carried out complete statistical analyses for projects involving the population dynamics of pine bark beetles, and the extent of mortality of ponderosa pine caused by root-disease and bark beetle attack in the Sierra Nevada. I also carried out analyses and wrote programs for projects on white fir seedling growth and Douglas-fir tussock moth populations.

In 1976, I worked on an EPA grant to study the effects of air pollution on a forest ecosystem. In this project I designed studies, carried out field sampling, and wrote programs for data management and statistical analysis on several projects involving tree seedling establishment, microarthropod activity, tree diseases, and pine bark beetle activity. I supervised several laboratory and programming assistants in this work.

My next major project was a study on the effects of aerial spraying of pesticides for Med fly on non-target organisms in trees in the urban environment. This again involved the complete range of data collection and analysis activities including writing papers of results, and the supervision of laboratory assistants.

From the early 1980's to the present I have been working on many projects, including studies in urban tree pest management (psyllids, elm leaf beetle, linden aphid), biological control of introduced pests of Eucalyptus and eugenia, the role of insectivorous birds in the forest ecosystem, the natural enemies of pine bark beetles, and cost-efficient monitoring methods for the Douglas fir tussock moth. For several of these projects I have independently supervised laboratory personnel to carry out scientific studies in these areas over the course of a season. I have had overall laboratory responsibility for as long as 9 months while my supervisor was on sabbatical leave and foreign research projects.

Other projects in this period included a cooperative project with the USFS to develop an Apple and IBM PC computer program for Douglas-fir seed orchard pest managers.

From 1983 to the present I have planned, purchased hardware and software, taught users, and supervised a network of 5-20 microcomputers for use by faculty, professional staff and students at the Center for Biological Control. I have served as a resource person on microcomputer hardware and software problems and purchases for principal investigators at this division. I have installed and maintained the division office word processing and accounting microcomputers and instructed office staff in their use.

I served on the Center's Computer Committee and Health and Safety Committee and currently as the Building Coordinator for Wellman Hall (Insect Biology) at UC Berkeley.

1995. (3 weeks) Constructed database application (using MS Access) for Ethnobotany of the Yosemite Region for the Yosemite Foundation. Gave a seminar on use of the database for the research staff.

1992-1994 (3 weeks) Statistical consulting, Effects of controlled burning on growth of plants by Native Americans in the Sierra Nevada. (Dr. M. K. Anderson)

1986 (1 week) Statistical consulting, asbestos fibers in air.

1985 (1 mo.): Consulting, German Agency for Technical Development (GTZ): I taught a short course on the use of microcomputer statistical packages for analysis of agricultural pest management problems, and I helped install hardware for IBM PC systems. I also taught the basics of word processing and spreadsheet software to office staff.

1985 (1 mo.): Consulting, Organization of American States project on Integrated Pest Management. I taught a short course on the use of a microcomputer system and on statistical software and modeling for the analysis of pest management problems in less developed countries.

1983 (1 mo.): Consulting, Organization of American States project on Integrated Pest Management. I advised on the selection and purchase a microcomputer system (IBM PC) and taught a short course on its use with selected software for the analysis of pest management problems.

1981 (1 mo.): Programming, Dept. of Forestry, U. of California, Blodgett Research Station. I wrote programs for a CP/M microcomputer for data management and statistical calculations of forest stocking and growth data.

1971-1973: Northern California Committee for Environmental Information. I helped manage a newsletter and wrote descriptions of environmental problems for the general public.

1969: Thermal systems engineer: Boeing Company. I carried out computer analysis of heat transfer problems in aircraft systems.

ORGANIZATIONS: American Statistical Association

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