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Mayberry Wetland: 2016-05-24 17:16:00
Author: Alison Haddad
Others: Elke Eichelmann, Kyle Hemes

Summary: regular data collection, found spray head for 7700.

Arrived at 17:16. Sunny, few clouds in the sky, strong wind.

Methane wash reservoir filled, was completely empty.

Collected USB GHG data, collected met data from 23X, collected camera card pictures. Two thermocouples (one in tule, one in soil) not working. TUL1 =-INF, TS16= -INF

Cleaned solar panels

Found spray head for 7700 that Joe took off last time and forgot on the boardwalk, no spare part to replace it.

LI7500 readings
CO2 400.37
H2O 603.1
T 21.43
P 101.34
SS 84.65 -> 85.9 after cleaning
LI7700 readings
CH4 1.92
RSSI 56.5 ->69.5 after cleaning

Left at 17:40

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