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Twitchell Alfalfa: 2015-02-19 12:45:00
Author: Patty Oikawa
Others: Ana Mendez + Housen Chu

Summary: Clip plots, data collection and critter ridder applied around tower. Need more ant bait.

We arrived at 12:45. Things were still totally overcast and misty so no spectral measurements were taken. There were lots of geese in the neighboring alfalfa field. Ana took clip plots and veg height. Housen applied the critter ridder around the tower to try to deter rodents. He also cleaned sensors while I downloaded data and measured soil respiration (4-5umol m-2 s-1). There were lots of ants in the soil logger box—need better ant bait in there.

CO2: 378.1 umol/mol
H2O: 444.6 mmol/m3
SS: 49.4%
Pressure: 101.97 kPa
Temperature: 12.55˚C
SOS: 343.15 m s-1
Met: OK
Rad: OK

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