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Tonzi Ranch: 2001-07-26 09:30:00
Author: Dennis Baldocchi
Others: Liu Kang, Peter Levy

Summary: Both flux systems hung up; soil was dry and hard could only take gravimetric soil samples to 10cm.

When: D207, July 26, 2001
Where: Tonzi ranch
Who: ddb, lk and Peter Levy

Mild and clear morning. Arrived around 0930 pst. LK was making A-Par measurements and trying to assess the Kok effect, the fraction of dark respiration decrease in light.

Both flux systems had hung up again. I found that the set up on the Press Enter login was different than that of the administrator. Our experience was to turn off all power saving options. This has worked at the Vaira ranch all year. The administrator option was set this way. The each other login had different settings. I changed both logins so power savings is off. I also changed the window on the gill sonic pif to maximize window.

1030 checking data loggers. Lost communication to com4. Opened Nancy’s box to check the status of the data logger. All was ok. Later found that the damn mouse moved one of the settings on pc 208 on com 4 and I had to reset the com switch.

1100 saw a few spikes on the tower flux system. Trying to see if the licor is seeing the sun. Did see a systematic 1 hz noise on the tower system. Sigma q was small, 0.02 v due to dry conditions, so noise was evident.

Took gravimetric soil samples under tree and in open. Took bulk sample at 4 locations. Soil dry and HARD. Could only sample down about 10 cm
C6 is under the tree. C4 is in the open. Use these data to set soil sensors to a reference.

1300 Took dendrometer readings.

at vaira. Swapped Irgas. Installed #35. LK downloaded data. Took soil samples (T1)

Tsoil surface 50 C, Tair 33, rh 20%. All was working.

1400 set power settings on Vaira press enter login too.

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