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 TZ 2015-04-15 - JV
 TA 2015-04-09 - CS
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Tonzi Ranch: 2015-04-15 10:00:00
Author: Joe Verfaillie

Summary: Fixed tower sonic, added DIY diffuse PAR, collected data from wind profile


I arrived about 10am. It was clear, sunny and cool with a breeze from the north. The Delta was super winds. The water level in the Sacramento River near Locke looked unusually low. There was water at Consumnes and lots of flowers. At Tonzi the ground surface was dry, but the grass looked good with flowers starting.

I replaced the cable on the Tower sonic. The old one is in bad shape. I’ll save the connectors and dump the rest. After the swap I still wasn’t getting any data so I swapped the RS422 to 232 converter and that seemed to fix things. I need to test the converter in the lab to make sure that was the problem.

I installed a home brew diffuse PAR sensor at the top of the tower. This sensor uses a rotating shadow band driven by a DC motor and magnetic proximity sensors to detect when the shadow band is horizontal. I removed the CR1000 card and updated the flux program to add the diffuse PAR to that data logger. It will record 10Hz PAR and 30min average of the PAR minimums and the count of those. The PAR sensor is the Ameriflux standard sn 060868.

I checked the BF5 diffuse PAR sensor and it was free of condensation.

I downloaded data from the new wind profile system and added a ground wire to that CR1000. I tried to adjust the lower sonics to be more level.

The Tower computer was running well.

Field Data

CO2 Profile Tanks

DateTankPressure (psi)ppm

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20150415TZ_DiffusePAR1.jpg ( 2015-04-15 12:50:59 ) Full size: 1920x1440

20150415TZ_DiffusePAR2.jpg ( 2015-04-15 12:52:05 ) Full size: 1920x1440

Graphs display: 7 days | 14 days | 28 days
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5 TZ_fmet graphs found

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2 TZ_co2prof graphs found

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Tonzi Z-cam data


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