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Tonzi Ranch: 2015-10-01 10:00:00
Author: Joe Verfaillie
Others: Siyan

Summary: rainy day, cows broke fences, still having troubles swapping tower computer.


I arrived with Siyan about 10:00am. It was mostly cloudy and cool with a little rain clearing up later in the day. The top centimeter or so of the soil was damp. Cows are around and broke all the fences again. We repaired the fences.

I tried to swap the tower computer again, but cannot make a connection to the Phenocam with the Compute stick. The field computer to the Phenocam works, putting the computer at the top and connecting to the compute stick at the bottom works. So there is something specific to the compute stick and the Phenocam. I can test with one of the old web cams in the lab. Maybe power the usb hub.

The flow rate for the CO2 profile was very low. I replaced the filters at the inlets, but that didn’t seem to improve the flow much. The IRGA values looked okay, but I could not calibrate.

Siyan collected data, did the wells, dendrometers, and midday water potential.

Field Data

CO2 Profile Tanks

DateTankPressure (psi)ppm

Well Depth

DateLocationDepth (feet)

No TZ Moisture Point data found

No VR Moisture Point data found

No TZ grass heigth found

No VR grass heigth found

Tree DBH

DateTag#Reading (mm)

Water Potential - mode: raw

Time< h>SpeciesTreereadings (bar)
2015-10-01 11:52:00 OAK 102 -42 -52 -40
2015-10-01 11:52:00 OAK 35 -42 -35 -43
2015-10-01 11:52:00 OAK 92 -32 -32 -34
2015-10-01 12:12:00 PINE OLD -18 -3 -17
2015-10-01 12:12:00 PINE YNG -7.5 -2 -2

No TZ Grass Biomass data found

No TZ OakLeaves Biomass data found

No TZ PineNeedles Biomass data found

0 photos found

Graphs display: 7 days | 14 days | 28 days
13 graphs found

No data found for TZ_Fenergy.
9 TZ_tmet graphs found

11 TZ_soilco2 graphs found

Can't check TZ_mixed
2 TZ_mixed graphs found

1 TZ_sm graphs found

1 TZ_fflux graphs found

5 TZ_fmet graphs found

1 TZ_tram graphs found

2 TZ_co2prof graphs found

Can't check badm_TZ
2 badm_TZ graphs found

No data found for TZ_windprof.
Can't check TZVRSI_mixed
1 TZVRSI_mixed graphs found

1 TZ_tflux graphs found

Tonzi Z-cam data


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