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East End Wetland: 2014-09-18 13:30:00
Author: Joe Verfaillie
Others: Patty

Summary: Standard data collection, fixed SHF plate three, sprayer left off the 7700 last time - fixed.


I arrived about 1:30 with Patty. It was sunny and hot with a little breeze from the west. There are lots of mallard ducks in the grass west of the tower. The grass along the levee seems to be drooping a bit.

Patty took water samples and fixed SHF plate three that had been pulled out and upside down.

I collected data.
The 7500 read: 15.19mmol/m3 CO2, 790mmol/m3 H2O, 101.0kPa, 29.4C, 248Diag
The 7700 read: 1.83ppm CH4, 10.35RSSI.
With the RSSI so low I disconnected the Ethernet cable from the CR1000 and tested the sprayer to discover it dangling where we left it when we calibrated the 7700 last week. We reaffixed the sprayer and cleaned the mirrors. After cleaning the RSSI was 76 and the CH4 was 1.86ppm

I made sure the CR1000 was seeing the 7700 data before we left.

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