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Twitchell Alfalfa: 2016-09-22 16:15:00
Author: Joe Verfaillie

Summary: Field recently mowed, clipped around ground sensors, set clocks on CR10X and CR1000 met loggers.

Twitchell Alfalfa

I arrived about 4:15pm. The field had just been mowed and they were still mowing the field to the east, although a strip along the edge looks like it was mowed earlier or maybe not mowed. The irrigation ditches were dry. There were lots of butter flies again.

I started clipping around our ground sensors. I finished the area near our sensors but there is still alfalfa that needs clipping to the extreme north and south. When we clip we need to do a better job. There is a layer of litter on the ground around our sensors that is unlike the surrounding field.

The weeds around the main tower and solar panels are also getting big and need attention.

I checked the clocks on the CR10x and the main tower CR1000 that collect the radiation data. Both were only a couple minutes off when I reset them.

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