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Twitchell Island: 2015-05-21 12:15:00
Author: Joe Verfaillie
Others: Sara

Summary: The field is dry, RSSI was 6 - tubing was broken - fixed, more weeds than rice.


I arrived about 12:15 with Sara. The morning was cool and overcast, but it is warming up and the sun is breaking through. The field is dry. The flooding of two weeks ago was just a flash flood. It looks like more weeds growing in the field than rice.

The 7500 read: 398.2ppm CO2, 568.7mmol/m3, 101.5SS, 21.2C, 101.7kPa
The 7700 read: 1.76ppm CH4, 6.05Rssi – 1.912ppm CH4, 70.0RSSI after cleaning
The wash reservoir was empty and the tubing was broken at the box. I cut out the broken part and reattached the tubing. It seemed okay when I manually tested the spray and wash.

Sara did veg height and clip plots.

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Sara on site

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