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East End: 2017-07-19 11:00:39
Author: Daphne Szutu

Summary: Permanent tower -- fixed camera, updated CR1000 OS to 31.08
T3/Boardwalk -- regular data collection/cleaning

East End

Permanent Tower

I arrived at 11:00. It was clear and sunny with a slight breeze.

I downloaded the met data and current program. I saved it as 'EastEndMet_20170602_retrieve.CR1', did not make any changes, and re-saved it 'EastEndMet_20170719.CR1'. I noticed there was no CRD under LoggerNet File Control, so I tried reformatting, but still no CRD visible.

On CR1000 sn 47110, I updated the OS to CR1000.Std.31.08, which was released on June 30, 2017. I used the new Serial-USB converter cable and the connection seemed steady.

I sent the most recent program to the datalogger, 'EastEndMet_20170719.CR1'. The numbers seem ok but still no CRD.

Finally, I disconnected the NL115 (Ethernet and CF card module) from the CR1000 and discovered a lot of dead ants in the connection between the module and the datalogger. I cleaned the ants away, reconnected, and CRD showed up!

I configured CR1000 IP address and FTP settings through Device Config Utility.

I left at 12:00, and came back at 13:35 and saw some photos on the CRD. I tried to fiddle with the camera angle but it is still tilted.

Temporary Tower #3 Boardwalk

I arrived at 12:00. I downloaded the met data and collected the flux CF card (labeled 'VR'). The reservoir water was 4/5 full and I refilled it.

I cleaned the 7500 and 7700 but could only reach the bottom portion of those two sensors. I connected to the 7700 directly via Ethernet, but I wasn't sure how to connect to the 7500 without the interface box.

CH4: 2.06
RSSI: 54.1 --> 65.9 after cleaning

I left at 12:20 and then returned at 13:15 to download the minidot data and HOBO (stop, readout, launch). I left for the second time at 13:30.

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