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Mayberry Wetland: 2015-07-22 09:20:00
Author: Patty Oikawa
Others: Sara, Noah Amme

Summary: installed forerunner, camera acting strange, need batts for minidots, caterpillars back

We arrived at 9:20am. It was sunny with a light breeze. The caterpillars are back but not as bad as last year. Noah cleaned the radiation sensors, I downloaded data, Sara first tested the Forerunner (CO2 probe A) to make sure it was working before installing it in the water. Noah got in the water for installation and cleaning sensors.
Sara noticed the camera has only recorded photos on certain days, I tightened the power connection but it started up just fine—need to keep an eye on this.
We also downloaded minidot data. The middle height minidot did not record data since last download so we suspect bad batteries. We did not have batteries with us so need to bring them next time. Always carry batteries in the field bag!
CO2: 383.7 µmol/mol (389 after cleaning)
H2O: 703 mmol/m3 (644 after cleaning)
SS: 90.6% (96 after cleaning)
Pressure: 100.87 kPa
Temperature: 22 ˚C
SOS: 345.5 m s-1
CH4: 1.95 ppm (2 after cleaning)
RSSI: 35% (68 after cleaning)
Reservoir: 1/2 full, Refilled
Met: OK

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