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West Pilot Pond: 2014-07-23 16:20:00
Author: Sara Knox
Others: Patty, Kathleen

Summary: Summary: Site check. Water samples. Only downloaded met data since we were on a mission to kill the wasps.

West Pond

We arrived at 16:20 PDT. It was sunny and hot. Water levels were normal, and strong flow at the inlet. Kathleen took water samples at the outlet and inlet. Patty attended to the tower. She downloaded the met data and checked that everything else looked good before beginning Operation Eradicate the Wasp. I used Ace wasp and hornet killer to spray the wasp nests under the upper boardwalk and in the pipes carrying the flux instruments. The spray was super effective and killed the wasps upon contact. Hopefully when we go back next week the wasps will be mostly gone and we can clean the sensors and download the rest of the data without the fear of being stung again!

7500 readings:
CO2 = 376 ppm
H2O = 790 mmol m-3
signal strength = 80%
p = 101.4 kPa
t = 28.92 C
sos = 351.5 m s-1

7700 readings:
CH4 = 1.9 ppm
RSSI = 53.9%

Met all good.

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