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Vaira Ranch: 2016-02-04 11:45:00
Author: Joe Verfaillie
Others: Dennis, Kyle

Summary: Nice day, Peltier SHF 1 not reading, removed Vaisala CO2 probes.


I arrived about 11:45 with Dennis and Kyle. It was clear and sunny with little to no wind. The grass is growing slowly. There were big puddles in the road and the water hole was full. The ground was damp but not soggy.

I collected data. Peltier SHF plate #1 was reading –INF. I didn’t see any problems on the surface. I will check the data and dig it up next time.

Dennis did Moisture Point, but missed the one by the gate.

We removed the Vaisala CO2 probes for calibration.

2cm – Removed previously
4cm – sn Z2720015 – this one was full of ants.
8cm – Removed previously

2cm – sn K1350103
4cm – sn K1350102
8cm – sn K1350101

2cm – sn G0230062
4cm – sn L2010068
8cm – sn L2010070

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