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Mayberry Wetland: 2016-04-28 09:25:00
Author: Elke Eichelmann
Others: Dennis Baldocchi, Kyle Hemes

Summary: Standard data collection, deployed new conductivity sensor, serviced miniDots

Arrived at 9:25. Sunny and windy day, and very clear, we were able to see the Sierra from the bridge. Vegetation is visibly shorter than previously, wind seems to have blown over the old vegetation and the new stuff coming through is not that tall yet. There is lots of detritus and the wetland is just starting to green up.

Filled LI7700 wash water reservoir, was almost empty.

Reconnected new conductivity sensor CS547A sn 5688. Seems to be working. We did not know where the original conductivity sensor was placed in the water, so we just dropped it in the water by the tower. Can be moved if necessary.

Collected USB GHG data, collected met data from CR1000, collected camera card pictures.
All data looks good except Ts16 is reading INF.

Serviced miniDots and downloaded the data. Replaced the missing screen on one of the water CO2 sensors.

LI7500 readings:
CO2 406.05
H2O 464.0
SS 83.331 -> 85.639 after cleaning
T 16.97
P 101.10

LI7700 readings:
CH4: 1.92
RSSI: 32.30 -> 71.42 after cleaning

Solar panel: Amp draw 1.5A; Volt 13.9

Bring some string next time to attach bolt for camera arm to scaffolding to prevent it from dropping in the water.

Left at 10:15

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