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Botanic Garden

Today I took my niece and nephew to the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden. They were fascinated by the flowers and the wildlife. They enjoyed learning about the plants, were mystified by their Latin names, and cherished the time doing something different. I brought those two 7-year-olds home well-exercised, tired, but happy. They had a lot of fun relating the adventures they experienced while out and about - the lizards and the butterflies, birds, rabbits, and flowers.

A few of their favorite spots:

The Butterfly Garden

The Bird Habitat

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posted July 10, 2008 10:11 PM

Wedding photographs

On June 7, I married my sweetheart, Tom.
A friend just sent me couple of photographs of the big day. Thought it'd be fun to share.

The Kiss

Dancing with Daddy.

'twas fun how our first dance and daddy dance worked out. Tom was dancing with me for our first dance, then my dad (with mic in hand) asked to cut in (This was impromptu, he asked the DJ for a mic). Tom passed on my hand, then asked his mom for a dance. They continued the chain for a bit, eventually I was dancing with Tom's dad, my dad was dancing with Tom's mom, and Tom was dancing with my mom.

posted July 1, 2008 7:20 PM

Life after a degree

A bachelor's in Genetics & Plant Biology. That's what I walked with May 2008.
What do I plan to do with it?
Continue my education.

With one requirement to complete before truly graduating, I'll return to Berkeley for the summer, before moving on to Miami University to begin a Master's program in Botany.

What kind of an education did my Berkeley degree provide me with?
An understanding of: plant genetics, plant physiology, plant cell biology, plant taxonomy, plant systematics, plant identification, light microscopy techniques, bioinformatics, molecular genetics, and probably more. Along with this, I gained field experience, lab experience, and a renewed confidence in myself. I learned to study until I could understand concepts that often seemed beyond my abilities. I also found the benefit of group study including how to effectively organize study sessions, and how to work alongside a diverse peer environment.

Sure, these skills will be of benefit in future academic pursuits - but they'll also come in handy in everyday life. You'll see.

posted June 17, 2008 6:04 PM