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Properly Managed Forests Emit Fewer Greenhouse Gases

This is a record year for wildfires in California with over a million acres burned. It would be timely to publish information on the estimated amounts of "greenhouse gases" that have resulted from these fires.

The data on emissions from fires needs to be put into perspective with overall emissions from other sources including automobiles and electric power generation.

Discussion is needed on how our timberlands could be better managed to minimize fire damage. Properly managed forests take in more carbon dioxide than mature and over mature forests that are just carbon sinks where trees die or burn and release the stored carbon to the atmosphere, rather than being harvested and utilized for forest products. Restrictions need be removed on salvage logging following fires.

Who else can better do this than UCB researchers?

This sort of information needs to be made available to the general media and is long overdue!

Bob Heyden
posted September 8, 2008 1:34 PM