30 August 2006

post one: in which we get some background, and start some classes

Alright! Post numero uno for me. I suppose we should start off with some background info, right? Well, I'm a junior transfer student, very excited to be in the Conservation and Resource Studies major. The major itself is awesome - from the ability to take classes that run the gamut of offerings (due to the fact that you write in your own area of interest into the major) to the superb advisors and support staff, my interactions with all aspects of Cal have left me in a state of quasi-euphoria.

Living off campus some might argue that I'll miss some of the "college experience," but I'm extremely satisfied with my situation. In a quaint little apartment in north Berkeley, not only am I a six minute bike ride away from Cal, but much of what Berkeley has to offer is right outside my door. One thing that I'd recommend to any new Cal student -- explore Berkeley! Yes, the school has more than enough to offer, but there's much more outside its doors as well. From the three farmers markets per week that bring in mostly organic farms, to the fabulous restaurants, and a myriad of earth-friendly events that can be found through the ecology center, there is a true wealth of activities to explore.

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29 August 2006

My First day at Cal

Actually, this was supposed to be posted yesterday. But anyway, here is an account from a procrastinator. Oh, by the way, I am a first-year intended Molecular and Environmental Biology Major (MEB) at College of Natural Resources (CNR). Yesterday (Monday, August 28, 2006) was my first official day at Cal. What I mean by “official” is because even though I have been living here since last week, it is the day when instructions begin. I woke up pretty early in the morning since I was kind of afraid that I might need extra time for this very first day. But everything turned out to be ok. My first class started at 10:00 AM but I arrived there (1 Pimentel) around 9:25 AM, so I was able to oversee the last part of Chemistry 1A lecture where the professor did some “explosion” stuff (Hydrogen gas + Oxygen gas + sparkle, I guess). 1 Pimentel was a really huge lecture hall, and its front stage can be rotated so that the settings for each class would not disturb the other. I encouraged you all to check this out! Then I was commuting between different buildings since I have back-to-back classes… Even though most of the lectures I am in are huge and intimidating since you are sitting with hundreds of people, the professors were really trying to make class atmosphere as dynamic as possible. Or by the way, the Freshman Seminar I am taking is really engaging since there are only 20 students there – allowing a more intimate and approachable environment. It is nice to be such a small class within the context of a public research institute, namely Berkeley. That is about my first day, and I am really looking forward for my first semester of college life. GO BEARS!!!!

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28 August 2006

Finally, the First Day of Classes!!

August 28, 2006. For some, this day might be the worst day of their lives since it means summer is over and school is starting. For others, like the many freshmen that I know, this day is one of the most exciting days of their lives. Today they start their first day of their college adventure. Meeting new friends, waking up early, going to class or not going to class, are things that we all have to worry about now. You might be wondering why i am so excited for the fall semester to begin.

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26 August 2006


Starfruit! Here we have an incredibly delicious fruit that I hear about, but, sadly, have never eaten. Today I decided to look into the fruit, so in case I run into some at the Berkeley bowl, I can figure out if it's ripe or not, and have a general idea of what it tastes like. Here is a good image that shows the overall look of the fruit: Here is a fun, artsy photo of Starfruit:

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25 August 2006

Store Wars

Who would expect Organic Foods to join forces with Star Wars? Http://www.storewars.org/flash/index.html

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22 August 2006

Lemon Verbena

Do you love citrus and flowery springtime all at once? Lemon Verbena is what you're looking for. It is common in perfumes, soaps, lotions, and you can even make it into some great desserts! Here's what the blossoms look like: You can spot it as anything from a 2-3ft ornamental shrub to a tree that is 2 meters tall. 200 years ago, it was one of the most common European ornamentals. But on this side of the world, it requires more trimming than most people want to do - in order to keep it a manageable size.

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18 August 2006

On My Way!

Packing for leaving is hard to do when all high school friends want to say goodbye and celebrate friendships. I began filling boxes today with clothes and items I usually bring when traveling. I appreciate living close to campus (less than 2 hours), and being able to leave scarves, long socks, and all those winter items at home. I used to think that moving stuff would be easy- just grab stuff and go to a dorm, but no, I must consider each shirt, shoe, and book's worthiness in my tiny (I'm only guessing at this moment) triple dorm room. I have contacted my roommates and so far so good!

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