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Starfruit! Here we have an incredibly delicious fruit that I hear about, but, sadly, have never eaten. Today I decided to look into the fruit, so in case I run into some at the Berkeley bowl, I can figure out if it's ripe or not, and have a general idea of what it tastes like.

Here is a good image that shows the overall look of the fruit:

Here is a fun, artsy photo of Starfruit:

Here is an image that describes what it looks like as you cut into it:

Starfruit has a lot of Vitamin C. It is said to taste like a combination of plums, pineapples and melons. Starfruit has been in cultivation in Southeast Asia for several hundred years. You know it's ripe when the tips of the ridges turn a light shade of brown. Avoid those with shriveled ridges. There's no peel, and often no seeds (10-12 flat, brown seeds might be present depending on variety) - just cut and eat.

The tree itself wouldn't do well planted outdoors back home in Ventura County. The tree cannot handle dry, strong winds - which come with force each year. It does best in tropical climates - Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. But the young trees do great as a container plant in any climate where there isn't frost. Each year, it blooms several times! The pink-to-lavendar flowers are 3/8" in diameter.

Here is a photo of a Starfruit tree: (on the campus of the South China Agricultural Univeristy)

Carambola Blooms:

Photos come from these sites:

These websites were handy with information:

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Comments (2)

I'm from Brasil and I have a carambola's tree on my backyard. This fruit has a incredible taste and it is good until in the salad. If you want some information or some seeds, I can get to you. Jarbas --

Posted by Jarbas | 2007-05-21

I live in Los angeles, California. I would like to know where I would be able to purchase some star fruit, or the seeds of the fruit. If you know where I would appreciate your information.

Posted by Yanet | 2007-10-25

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