August 28, 2006 12:02 PM

Finally, the First Day of Classes!!

August 28, 2006. For some, this day might be the worst day of their lives since it means summer is over and school is starting. For others, like the many freshmen that I know, this day is one of the most exciting days of their lives. Today they start their first day of their college adventure. Meeting new friends, waking up early, going to class or not going to class, are things that we all have to worry about now. You might be wondering why i am so excited for the fall semester to begin.

Well here is why: Today starts the first day of my last FALL semester here at Cal. My plan is to graduate in the Spring and i am so excited for what this semester has to offer. I am sad at the same time because that means that i am one semester closer to being an actual adult and finding a job before grad school. It also means that i wont be part of this amazing institution, as a student at least, any longer. Since this is my last year at Cal, I plan to enjoy it to the fullest.

Another reason why i am so excited to be back is because of my friends. Many of my friends were gone this summer either abroad, back in their hometowns, or they decided to travel around the world. But finally the day has come for us to reunite. My friends are amazing and are a good support system for me. Like every semester my schedule seems to be very hectic but thats okay because I know i will have the support of my friends, family, and college advisors to push me through a successful semester.

Also, this semester will be great because i will have one of my siblings living literally four blocks away from me. My little sister is attending Cal this fall. Watching her embark in this new adventure is exciting for me. I know she will do great things just like many other students here at Cal will do so as well. I am also extremely happy with the classes I am taking this semester. They all seem really interesting and hopefully not too difficult. Let the semester begin.

Have a Great First Day of Classes everyone!!!

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