August 18, 2006 10:41 PM

On My Way!

Packing for leaving is hard to do when all high school friends want to say goodbye and celebrate friendships. I began filling boxes today with clothes and items I usually bring when traveling. I appreciate living close to campus (less than 2 hours), and being able to leave scarves, long socks, and all those winter items at home.

I used to think that moving stuff would be easy- just grab stuff and go to a dorm, but no, I must consider each shirt, shoe, and book's worthiness in my tiny (I'm only guessing at this moment) triple dorm room. I have contacted my roommates and so far so good!

I'm looking forward to meeting all the Berkeley students I'll meet this Saturday. I hope it's at least half as fun as CalSO. That orientation was the best one I've come across- CNR didn't tell me to write that. I was part of my high school's Link Crew leadership and last fall I spent hours with other seniors brainstorming
ways to connect freshmen with other students and each other, but in our Link Crew we never managed the endurance and spunk of the CalSO counselors.

Every one of the 45 upperclassmen led cheers with their groups (and actually got us to shake and jump) and was (or seemed to me) to be genuinely interested in giving advice to incoming frosh. There was an activity called 'Stand Up If...' that I was changed by participating in it. After seeing fellow classmates stand up to statements like: Stand up if you've ever felt like a minority, and Stand up if you are mentally or physically disabled, I realized how TRULY diverse Berkeley is.

One of the reasons I chose UCB is that there is more than 20% minorities attending (don't laugh.. Boston College and Georgetown are in that ballpark sadly enough). I don't enjoy being around clones. I hope I am not offending identical twins- I don't mean to- I just mean that I learn so much from people when they've experienced different things than I have experienced.

From the morning CalSO started (boy was that early...) to noon the next day I kept on meeting people and learning more about people in my group. My group was made up of other CNR students, 2 of which had the same EEP major as I. My stereotypes of southern Californians were shattered, and I kept wanting to ask my new friends questions about their life, school, travel experiences, and all the stuff that got them here. I anticipate Saturday to be like that- introducing myself to all those in my hall and dorm, and being blown away by others' identities and personalities.

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