August 30, 2006 11:17 AM

post one: in which we get some background, and start some classes

Alright! Post numero uno for me. I suppose we should start off with some background info, right? Well, I'm a junior transfer student, very excited to be in the Conservation and Resource Studies major. The major itself is awesome - from the ability to take classes that run the gamut of offerings (due to the fact that you write in your own area of interest into the major) to the superb advisors and support staff, my interactions with all aspects of Cal have left me in a state of quasi-euphoria.

Living off campus some might argue that I'll miss some of the "college experience," but I'm extremely satisfied with my situation. In a quaint little apartment in north Berkeley, not only am I a six minute bike ride away from Cal, but much of what Berkeley has to offer is right outside my door. One thing that I'd recommend to any new Cal student -- explore Berkeley! Yes, the school has more than enough to offer, but there's much more outside its doors as well. From the three farmers markets per week that bring in mostly organic farms, to the fabulous restaurants, and a myriad of earth-friendly events that can be found through the ecology center, there is a true wealth of activities to explore.

Oh, right, back to Cal-related topics. My first day of classes went off exceptionally well - my instructors have all been very passionate about their work, and class sizes are relatively small. I did a "dry run" since I arrived an hour before my first class was to start, and managed to find all the buildings and classrooms easily enough. I did have some concerns about making it to class on time, seeing as how the fox squirrels were just too cute not to stop and watch now and again, but I managed to make it everywhere on time nonetheless. I'm tempted to bring in some foreign foods for them (a-la peanuts and walnuts...which I'm sure they're adept and adjusted to eating already), but then I remind myself that such a decision isn't helping any problems. With all the natural, quiet spaces scattered around Berkeley, it's easy just to kick back and relax - feel free to check out a few.

Looking forward to dropping in now and again to post some thoughts and experiences - stay tuned, or, um, don't touch that dial, and all that jazz.

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