September 11, 2006 10:05 PM

Art Project

I'm taking Art 14 this semester, which is an intro to scuplture course. This weekend's assignment was to come up with directions for a sky-writer. After a great deal of conversation with a pilot friend, here are some directions for a sky-written heart directly above the Campanile.

I’m so glad that I’ve gotten a hold of you! I’d like you to hop into your airplane. Yes, you. Take your Pitts Special ARF Biplane, and head up to Berkeley airspace. No, I don’t care how you get there. Yes, I realize you’re in Oshkosh. No. This can’t wait. I know you’ve been looking forward to this aviation convention all year. But you go every year. Can’t you step away for this little project? For me? You know I love you. Awwww. I thought you would. Now here’s the plan: Depart from Sonoma Sky Park at precisely 16-hundred hours on July thirtieth, two-thousand seven. Yes, that’s in a week. Take a right downwind departure from Sonoma Skypark and take the twelfth radial to the Scaggs Island VOR. After crossing the cone of confusion, take the fifteenth radial from the VOR. Fly direct to Berkeley campus. Avoid Class B airspace. At One twenty two point two five oh four West, thirty eight point eight seven North at two-thousand-two-hundred feet, over the Campanili turn due South . Begin oil release. Immediately pitch thirty degrees left and turn to heading three-four-zero. Once you reach three-four-zero, continue straight for nine point eight seven seconds. Pitch ninety degrees hard left, heading two thirty, now go straight. I hope your plane can hold through that ninety degree turn. Ok. Good. After nine point eight seven seconds of straight and level flight, bank to the left at thirty until you reach the heading of due North. Meet up with your first mark, stop oil release. Yep, that’s it.

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