September 17, 2006 8:09 PM

Berkeley After a Football Game

Apparently, Cal students like to go to football games. And they are very supportive of their football team. Who knew? Yesterday was a game day but I didn't go. There are many reasons for this. I can make up a few right now. Hold on. Umm, well I had to return a blanket yesterday in San Francisco. I also don't want to stand up for so long. Yeah those are good reasons. I think I'll eventually go to a game ... the Stanford game.

What is Berkeley like on a football day? I admit, there's a heckuva lotta buzz. Like, there's this tension in the air and it's not just because of the marching band practicing incessantly on the field next to my unit. Nope, there's more. Soon, there are police posted at intersections, guiding traffic. Darn, now I can't blatantly jaywalk like I always do. There are more cars around in general. It seems to have taken a while for people to realize that taking a car to Berkeley in general bodes the death of your free time. Everything's gonna go to fighting for that parking spot. And you haven't even seen the traffic coming back either.

I notice that there weren't a lot of Portland fans at Berkeley. There were some Minnesota fans last week. I saw a couple walking rather dejectedly from the stadium. That pretty much told me what I needed to know for that score. i guess Portland state fans already know what's coming to them.

Taking the BART is most interesting because all these Cal fans start coming up from the ground. It's like kinda like Night of the Living Dead when the zombies start emerging from their graves, ready to devour the brains of all who stay in their path. Except these zombies are wearing Cal jerseys and waving flags. I'm sure they'll devour my brain though if it happened to be wearing a Stanford cap.

Wish I had a picture for you. Too bad my camera sucks. Fear not young blog readers. I shall come up with one eventually. Jon always delivers.

26% of the time.

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