September 11, 2006 6:21 PM


I just figured out how to get this thing to work. Sorry for the lateness. One thing I learned especially well during my senior year in HS is how to procrastinate. I hope I'm not the last kid to post something. I am going to introduce myself now.

My name is Jonathan Stanford Yu. My friends back home call me Jon. The ones here call me Stanford. This never pleases me. No I did not apply to Stanford. I don't want to get a rejected letter from my academic namesake. And no, nobody has beaten me up yet. I don't expect you to find me either so I feel free to divest myself of my middle name. I am currently an undecided major here at Berkeley. My classes are Chem 1A, Math 1B, Integrative Biology, and umm I think it was Plant and Microbiology. All are fun and challenging classes. Yes. Very much so.

Since it's my first entry, I am not quite sure what to say. Don't worry though. I'll find something. As time passes I shall be able to find a consistent voice on this blog thing. Stay with me here!

Let's answer a couple questions from myself.

Why did I pick Berkeley?
In the end at the college selection process, I had several schools to go to. I had NYU, Chapman University, Cal, UCI, UCSD, and umm ... nothing else. Wow. Come to think of it, I got rejected from alot more than I got accepted. I was rejected from UCLA, Harvard, Yale, USC, and Cal Poly for some reason. Just kidding about Cal Poly. My first gut choice was NYU. I had gotten in for film and I was excited to start making movies where Brett Ratner and Martin Scorsese (Can never spell/say his name) worked at but then they sent me the bill and my dad was like "snowball's chance in hell you're going to New York." So yeah it was either UCI or Cal. I had gotten Regent's at UCI which was cool because free sounds good to my checkbook.

Then again, people don't quite go "whoa" when you tell them you graduated from UCI. Usually you get the "uhh okay" thing. But tell them you graduated from Berkeley and after you get the "Ooh! Jack Bauer's school!" or "Are there still alot of hippies there?" pathway then you can pick up the adoration. Yes, Berkeley does that for you. Not only that, I knew I was never going to find a challenge in UCI. It's a great school but I have been going to great schools for my entire life. I have cruise controlled my entire life. Engage me for once! Interest me! Challenge me! Yeup, that's why I picked Berkeley. If I manage to cruise control through here, Harvard here I come.

Btw, it wasn't until I got in that someone told me that Jack Bauer's degree in "Law and Criminology" is not offered here. What the heck, Mr. Chancellor?! Why? Oh why?! I would take any degree that teaches me how to save the world.

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