September 17, 2006 1:01 AM

I am a URSEC now!

I have decided to be a Unit Residential Sustainability Education Coordinator for Unit 3! Whew, it's a long name for a job, but it's much more fun than the name. If you have time, check out: Today I went to a day-long training retreat for being part of the RSEC program at Cal. There were about 15 people and we played name games, ate great homemade food, and learned sooo much about sustainability.

Sustainability? What is it, you wonder? Well, you probably know, but many people in my hall don't. I explain it as a goal in life (in universities, houses, businesses, and everywhere) of not harming the earth and its atmosphere. It is lessening energy and water use, reusing as much as possible, and always recycling as much as you can. I wish I could live a life of no impact on earth- haha, no I don't mean I want to be ignored- but I do mean that my waste and consumption of resources doesn't destroy more beautiful nature and harm the health and resource wealth of future earthlings. My new role in my unit will be to update the sustainability boards, keep in touch with the facilities manager and RSECs, publicize sustainability extensively, and personally talk to people one-on-one and encourage them to have a earth-friendly lifestyle.

This past week has been full of meetings, great campus discoveries, lack of sleep, and not enough studying. That can't summarize all my feelings towards it, but I try.

On Monday I went to a Constitution Day (9/11) "National Security and the War On Terrorism" Panel, held in Barrow's top floor event room. I arrived at 4, and it was from 3-5pm, but I still got to experience a lot. Nearing the end a very confident tall 20-something-year-old rose his hand to ask a question (they asked the audience if they had any). He began questioning the very politically-experienced panell about 'Republicans being responsible and the culprits for what happened to the Twin Towers.' The panel dismissed this as an exaggeration and ridiculous, and insisted that they would never be able to get away with that, given the power of the press, leaks, and the lack of reason and insanity to finance the whole tragedy. The stubborn young man continued to ask and state that he knew the secrets and he was a Stanford graduate. The crowd became bored by his nonsensical angry lecturing, and even the microphone guy tried to take the microphone away from the man. He shouted and stood his ground, even yelling above the respected panelists. It was hilarious and terribly annoying at the same time. I won't repeat all of his crazy political conspiracies he believed in, because it would give him too much attention, but it was a very memorable the 'crowd VS the loud radical' situation. Police did come and take him down, and the event continued well until the end. I strongly suggest all Berkeley students to go to an open lecuture or panel, even if you are late to it.

On Tuesday I went to a Habitat For Humanity meeting and learned about the whole day Saturday constuction days and the application requirements (just 2 workdays). Then I went across the hall to the other large lecture room for the end of the Circle K meeting, and signed up for more community service events. Finally I got back to my dorm, just in time for a floormate to remind me that it was 9 o'clock and time for the Area Association Unit 3 meeting in the "library". I say "library" because it has no books and no one studies in it, but it's underground, by the academic center. The AA meeting was long and continued to go off-topic with my peers bringing up RA's excessive strictness with writing residents up for misbehavior.

Wednesday I met with the RSECs for the first time and enjoyed being around people who care for once!

Thursday I attended the most AMAZING PEACE CORPS PANEL in the YWCA. I was an hour late, but still enjoyed 2 hours with them, 6 returnees and an audience of about a dozen Cal students. They described the slow pace of life in the countries they visited, vegetarian problems and solutions, how people are assigned, career opportunities following it, and so many positive feelings towards the organization. I am determined to do Peace Corps after college; if I do not, then it would be because I would go to med school immediately and eventually do Doctors Without Borders, but that doesn't involve the large time spent learning a culture, language, and the ways of a family there. Right after the panell, I had to rush to the CalDem meeting, where I laughed so hard at the Patriot excerpts the SmartAss magazine editor read out loud to us. Then at 8ish I headed to Ballroom Dancing Dancesport class in Hearst Gym (as I will every thurs from now on). I finally got a dance partner for the year! At least I hope it works out. I had a lot of fun working on the Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, and Quickstep.

And... yesterday/Friday I went to my spanish teacher's office hours and enjoyed discussing academics and cultures (maybe that sounds odd, but it improved my happiness level that day, okay?). Then very late (too late) at night I went with 40 others from Norton Hall to Iceland to play Broomball. I was already tired and cold, so being there wasn't great fun for me, but everybody was having a good time- I recommend it, but I was just tired and decided to be a substitute most of the time. I walked back with a girl I had just met from 4 floors down, and then ended up accidentally avoiding sleep until 2ish in the morning.. Even as I'm writing this, it's getting to be that late again.. I really need to stop myself and just go to sleep.

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