September 5, 2006 10:18 PM

Meetings, Socials, Dinners... and sometimes Classes

So far it's been two weeks at Cal and I'm surprised by how much time I spend talking to floormates, going to club meetings, and eating out at Crossroads or at an amazing reknown Berkeley restaurant. I keep thinking to myself that classes will always be going on, but now is the time to make friends and join organizations that will connect me with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. This may or not be true, but it's my philosophy for now.

Tonight I went to a Circle K meeting in VLSB and was reminded of the extreme enthusiasm of all KIWANIS-related activities. In high school I was VP for my school's Key Club, and I searched out over a dozen service projects and recruited students to join in. I loved being in the excited frame of mind, shouting, cheering, and being dedicated to community service. Now, in college, I'm glad I can return to that through this club. Meetings are going to take an hour out of my homework time each week, but I have to admit I love Key Club (therefore, Circle K as well).

Classes are starting to smooth out... I attended Math 53's late afternoon lecture today and LOVED Professor Rezakhanlou's vector lesson! He's 10x better than my original Math 1B professor, and almost as good as my high school teacher :) I'm switching to that class, and solving my horrible "Friday morning chem lab" issue- which, by the way, totally destroys all opportunities to take MWF classes in the morning. Advice to incoming frosh: SIGN UP FOR CHEM 1A early in the summer and for the CORRECT lab that you want in your schedule. But life goes on with a Friday lab... I now have 4 days a week with my first class at noon.

There are so many clubs, sororities, music groups, religious groups, and entertaining events on campus that I have to check my planner twice a day to update and remind myself what I'm doing at night. I wish I could join the Sarang dancers, the Rotaract club, the Photo Club, ASUC, and every one of those tutoring/mentoring clubs (there must be over 20 of those!). Yet, I'm trying to be reasonable with activities and class scheduling so that I get sleep. I love having the options and choices here, and despite the environmental repercussions of overflyeration, I must concede that flyers are very good ways to tell freshmen about events, and I thank those Sproul Plaza obnoxious flyer distributors.

Since I love food, cooking, restaurants, food reviews, and books about food (no, I don't ever read fad diet books), I thought I should include some comments about my experiences here. Yesterday my RA took my floor to Zachary's Chicago-Style Pizza (which is supposedly the best pizza in the Bay Area).. we waited 40 minutes, then got to sit 25 together and enjoy deep-dish pizza and thin crust cheese pizza- which both were AMAZING! I hated Blondie's pizza on Telegraph, but Zachary's was crisp on the bottom, full of real tomato sauce, flavorful cheese, and had a true pizza flavor. Smart Alec's was also great- grilled eggplant sandwich is big and transforms eggplant into a delicacy. Lastly, Naan 'n Curry was almost 4 stars.. there was free delicious hot chai tea and the biggest naan I've ever seen, but the Palak Paneer (which is my and my family's favorite Indian dish) had a more homemade crude taste that is similar to my own homemade Palak Paneer- not as good as in other restaurants. But please don't become a food snob (I hope I'm not that mean either) or feel downhearted about Berkeley's Indian cuisine selection, because there are over a dozen more places I haven't tried yet.

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