September 29, 2006 1:23 AM

Midterm Slaying, Slashing, & Stabbing

I just got killed today by my three midterms. I thought they would be okay. I had plenty of time yesterday and at odd hours this morning, when I decided to take my time reading instead of cramming stuff in my head. I cannot believe how evil that math test was!!! Afterwards I replayed the gory scene/metaphor in my head.. my guts being ripped out and my face drained of all life. I wanted to quit college, throw away dreams of professional school, and curl up in a ball to be a rock. It took so much effort to go on to a committee meeting, Crossroads for dinner, another committee meeting, then ballroom dance practice. Now I've talked to my loving floormates and feel stable, but it was such a life-changing feeling of doom. I hope that tomorrow's Study Abroad Fair (which I've been anticipating for 2 months) will raise my spirits. My roommates are both going home this weekend and I hope I can stay busily relaxed.

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