September 27, 2006 8:02 PM

stagnation and toil

So, it’s been quite a while since my last post, eh? Aye, it has been, matey. The seas have been keepin’ me at bay, what with the disappearance of a reliable internet connection at home. But a promising wind blows on the horizon, and so hopefully this period of posting stagnation’ll be resolved shortly, arr!

Speaking of internet connections (and dropping the pirate-speak)...

... I’ve found it to be quite helpful to bring my laptop to class – with the ability to detect AirBears (Cal’s wireless network) in most of my classes, I’ve found it much easier to embed pictures and diagrams relevant to topics covered (both from online and using Microsoft Drawing in Word), and organize my notes in a much more organized fashion.

Switching topics altogether, the past few weeks I’ve been gradually acclimating myself to life at Cal while working to rectify my needs as a student with those that require me to be at work at least 20 hours per week. Working in a small business as upper management, it has taken reorganization of how I work in order to manage the workload – though the workload at Cal hasn’t been insurmountably intense, the overall school ethic and my own interest in the classes have spurred a desire to toil away with schoolwork and readings. For prospective students, I recommend coming up with a plan to deal with both your school schedule and work schedule, and making sure the combination is feasible – for a while I though I’d get away with almost 30 hours of work per week (as I’d managed at my JC)…ha!

Oh! One item that is definitely worth mentioning! As noted in the CNR newsline, the SRC (Student Resource Center) has new couches! Instantaneously, the SRC feels much more conducive to studying, working, and gathering. I highly recommend checking it out, and taking advantage of it, as it’s quite conducive to productivity.

Alright, til another day! Random picture of a baby tapir.

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