September 19, 2006 9:41 AM

the past couple of weeks....

I cant believe its almost going to be a month since classes started. Some some reason the week goes by so quickly and i have so much to do. I dont know how many people feel the same way but i sure do. With my crazy schedule, i sometimes forget to the most important thing which is take care of myself. For that reason, i have decided to give myself some time everyday just to relax. Going to the gym has helped me a lot. With membership only being ten dollars, i knew i had to take advantage of it.

I really like the classes that i am in and i am learning so much so far. I do realize that midterms are just around the corner and that can be a scary thought but i figure as long as i dedicate the time to study and go to my professors and/or gsi's office hours i will be fine. After three years of midterms i shouldnt be that worried. During midterm time, i like going to the library or to different cafes because it helps me in being more productive and focused. Today should be a long day but im excited because i get to spend time with my friends/sorority sisters before hitting the books.

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