September 25, 2006 3:57 PM

When Midterms Attack

I take four classes - Plant and Microbiology, Integrative Biology, Chem 1A and Math 1B. I had midterms for Chem 1A and IB last week. Exactly one week from now is the midterm on PMB and then the week after that Math 1B and IB again. Great. Stop the world! I want to get off!

Did I tell you what it's like to take a midterm? The word itself denotes fear into college students with the same magnitude with which "alka seltzer" spells to pigeons. You sit in a huge room with very little writing space and then try to bang out this test, this incredibly hard test, with only your wits and a pencil. C'mon, how many times in your real work are you going to find yourself judged only with two such tools? I propose that Berkeley makes its tests more like real world tests ... and allow us to bring in Internet.

Did I tell you I live in Foothill? The Fifth floor on Foothill? Goodness squiggly squirrels. I have to climb the essential height of Sather Tower just to get where I live. I am surprised I haven't suffered from the high climate yet. It has become an art - figuring out how long it takes to get to class and timing it just right so that you can make it without having to sit around bored. Don't do this on your midterm. That is my goodwill advice of the day. My conscience is satiated.

Chem has devastated my social skills, especially with girls. After one unforunate encounter I asked my friend why my latest potential turned me down. My friend replied, "The scientific community has proven, with reasonable evidence and confidence, that pick up lines that include the phrases 'electron' 'ionic bonds' and 'effective charge' bear little impact on a lady's conception of you." I then sophiscatedly told my friend to shove it.

My laundry is done. I'd be worried someone would steal something but for the fact it is worth nothing.

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