28 October 2006

Visiting the Farmer's Market and a Native Plant Fair!

Results of an Asian Pear Varietal Testing at the Berkeley Farmer's Market: Hosui - my favorite. Complex flavor, not too sweet. 20th Century - green/yellow fruit. This is the one we have growing in our garden at home. Olympic - crisp, super sweet, but good Shinko - tastes like crisp water, faint flavor. Nitaka - strong "blow out your pallette" flavor. Delicious, but too intense of a flavor for me to eat regularly. Conjuro - wasn't able to try, but sold here. Shinseiki - wasn't able to try, but sold here.

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25 October 2006

Home Sweet Home!

I am always excited about going home and seeing my family, friends, room, and of course kitties! When I was packing Friday afternoon I felt even more excited to go home because Eid was on Monday and I was going to spend it with my family and friends. I got picked up by a friend of mine and I dragged a long my friend Maya with me (she also lives in Sacramento). The train ride is lots of fun when you are with someone else, especially when you watch Wedding Crashers!

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23 October 2006

iDarwin...and Iceland

Alright, so it doesn't quite fit the short-and-sweet naming scheme of Apple, but I just recently stumbled across this site, whereon you can download audio and text of a myriad of Darwin works. I just finished uploading On the Origin of Species to my MP3 player - if only I could get someone to record all my actual homework readings I'm supposed to get done this week, I'd be all set. On another note, did ya' hear about Iceland starting up commercial whaling again? Taking this fin whale (note: if you're squeamish about dead animals, don't click that link)? Now, I don't want to use this blog as a soapbox, but part of being in CNR (and CRS, for me) is making sure you get involved in this world full of natural "resources." As such, if you don't agree with the decision, I'd recommend shootin' off an email to the Icelandic Tourism Board or the Chamber of Commerce - let 'em know that you aren't happy with their choice and will spend your tourism/consumer funds elsewhere, if that's your stance. Part of the whole college experience is fostering and cementing that ability to put forward your thoughts and ideas in a rational, focused manner. Chamber of Commerce: info@chamber.is Tourism Board: info@icetourist.is

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23 October 2006

Home For the First Time

I went home to Sacramento this past weekend and felt much more normail than expected. Many of my college friends say that everything changes once you move out- your room feels odd, there's a feeling of missing Berkeley, and everyone treats you like an outsider- but I didn't feel any of those. I couldn't believe my sister actually missed me! She's 4 years younger and very involved in high school already- as busy as a senior. The rest of my family tried to cater to my wishes.. like getting Halloween decorations out and asking me what I wanted to do. Being home made me recognize my accomplishments (hahemm..) and experiences of college so far. It's summarizing two months to neighbors using one sentence. The worst part of going home, though it was really on the 'coming back' part of the journey, was the transportation. My arrival to my dorm room was delayed by an hour and a half!! All because I have no experience on deboarding trains and buses! I stood up with my heavy large three bags on the second floor of the Amtrak train from Sacramento, when it arrived at the Berkeley station (which is beautiful). I moved quickly and a man coming on the train and upstairs let me go past first, but I was too late! the doors were already shut and I couldn't open them. No buttons. No cord. No helpful train conductor or anything! I just yelled and looked everywhere, but resigned myself when I heard, to my luck, that the Emeryville stop was 4 minutes away. I got off there, spoke with a generous ticket man who said I could catch a train at 8pm (it was 7:15 at the time), for free. I did catch that one, and found the AC transit bus stop easily enough, but couldn't deboard that one on time either because of so many people on it. Well..now I'm an experienced public transit college student and know better than to wait until a vehicle comes to a complete stop before standing up.

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17 October 2006

Midterms bite!

I have never studied for a test harder or longer than I've studied for my Chem Midterm II. I am sure some of you may agree with me on this one.

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16 October 2006

The places to be at....

So i know there are alot of places on campus that people dont really know about and i have made it my goal to inform people of these places. So what did i do you may ask? well i borrowed a camera and went out to take pictures of these places. These are places that i enjoy being at either to study or just to relax in between classes. The Student Resource Center in 260 Mulford hall was on my list. Not only do they have the most comfortable couches but its also really quite. Its a good place to take a nap in between classes..or so i have heard...i dont speak by experience... IMG_0005.JPG Plus, the resource has computers and free printing if you decide to do homework! what more can you ask for. Another of my favorite places to be at is the North Reading Room in Doe Library. This room is so peaceful and quiet good for you just to sit and relax. When i have time i just go up there (to the 2nd floor of doe) and read my favorite magazines. Most people only visit this room during midterms and finals but everyone should visit the north reading room as much as possible. It truly relaxes me plus using the library is free of charge so why not use it. IMG_0010.JPG Just look at the light coming into the room. Doesnt it inspire you to go? If you dont want to be inside i say you vist the 8th floor of Barrows Hall. The view of city is amazing. It is said to have the second best view after The Campanille. Also, If you like Evans Hall, go up to the tenth floor adn go into the Student Lounge and look a the view it offers...you wll be surprised!!

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15 October 2006

Fun stuff!

I am really excited because this week is I-week at my sorority (initiation/inspiration week). The purpose of this week is to

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13 October 2006

keeping on top o' things

I seem to have totally neglected blogging in an effort to keep on top of work, school, midterms, and some semblance of a social life...but CNR, Cal, and Berkeley have so many interesting and pertinent seminars, colloqiums, and the like - thought I'd share just a few links to finding a few: CNR Newsline Cal Event Calendar Ecology Center Event Calendar

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12 October 2006

What is a "jerk"?

What is a "jerk"? Definition 1: The third derivative of position, the second derivative of velocity, or the first derivative of acceleration. Definition 2: Imagine that your friend was driving and you were in his car. Your friend saw the traffic light turned yellow and believed that he could make it. So he stepped on the gas pedal and you experienced a pull forward. Suddenly, the traffic light turned red and your friend had to stepped on the brake. You felt being pushed back and were like "Shoot, what a jerk..." This is from my math professor when he was trying to explain higher derivatives and how useful they are in kinematics. So I guess the moral of the story is do not be intimidated by the huge lectures and do approach your professor during their office hours. They are very friendly and willing to help.

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11 October 2006

Spring Semester!

It's not even the end of the first semester and I already have to worry about my classes for next semester!

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09 October 2006

Solar Cooking

Remember making solar ovens when you were a kid? Ok, maybe I was the only kid with a girl scout troop crazy enough to cook this way...

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07 October 2006


Today I scrubbed grease off the stainless steel wall beside the oven in the kitchen. It's an industrial kitchen. As I was cleaning, I thought about how I really do enjoy the cooperative living arrangement, and community living in general.

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05 October 2006

X-Lab ... Free Money? Or Vicious Amazon Jungle?

I am taking away from my precious midterm study time to write this little blog entry. I am too kind. Anyway what I wanted to talk about is the X-lab. It stands for Experimental Social Science Laboratory and it's located in F310 in Haas. What you do is sign up for a couple appointments and then you go in and you do these social experiments and then you get paid at the end (by check, irritatingly). Sounds good right? Wrong! The X-lab is in reality a simulation of the world, a eat or be eaten mentality that pits you against the smartest (and poorest) Berkeley students on campus in a dangerous and high stakes game of chance and probability. Only the luckiest survive! Seriously though, it's a good way to make a couple bucks. You get at least 5 dollars for your trouble - if you really really suck at probability games and are really unlucky. Unfortunately it seems like you need to have a little knowledge of game theory before you start making the big bucks ($20!). Today's x-lab was a little thing about "Would you rather have someone in your group get 2 dollars and you 9? Or would you rather it be 6 both?" I told this to my roommate and he started spouting some nerd talk about Nash Equilibrium. DIdn't Nash win MVP last year? Or is he talking about Russell Crowe? Try X-Lab. I'm serious, it's really fun. You get paid for playing a game (it's almost like being a professional game athlete) and you get to help other researchers at Haas. I feel like I'm helping the world over, and that feeling is classic.

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