October 7, 2006 1:55 PM


Today I scrubbed grease off the stainless steel wall beside the oven in the kitchen. It's an industrial kitchen. As I was cleaning, I thought about how I really do enjoy the cooperative living arrangement, and community living in general.

I now wonder what life was like before I shared one toilet and shower with 10 others, and how I managed to make every meal on my own. Now there are 30 wonderful people in my life, many who are close friends, many others who are just aquaintances that I see on a regular basis. But we all do things for one another. I purchase, pack, and deliver produce to 7 of the Coops in the morning - 5:30am - 8am three times a week. Other people cook, maintain the house, work in the garden, keep things organized, clean up after the usual college parties. Then there's the close friends that I have made here. Last night, there was one of those parties: relaxing evening by the fireside with wine, cheese, and smores. then all-out dancing. I ditched part of the party with a few friends and played a rousing game of "Mario Party". Then they went back to the mess of crazy dancing and fun people, while I retreated to my basement bedroom and slept. I can sleep through the parties here, through the people walking by my door at 3am, or the fights that the neighbors have in the courtyard just beyond my walls. I lay there in my room with the doors locked, knowing when I wake up in the morning it wil be another adventure.

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