October 23, 2006 1:04 AM

Home For the First Time

I went home to Sacramento this past weekend and felt much more normail than expected. Many of my college friends say that everything changes once you move out- your room feels odd, there's a feeling of missing Berkeley, and everyone treats you like an outsider- but I didn't feel any of those. I couldn't believe my sister actually missed me! She's 4 years younger and very involved in high school already- as busy as a senior. The rest of my family tried to cater to my wishes.. like getting Halloween decorations out and asking me what I wanted to do.

Being home made me recognize my accomplishments (hahemm..) and experiences of college so far. It's summarizing two months to neighbors using one sentence.

The worst part of going home, though it was really on the 'coming back' part of the journey, was the transportation. My arrival to my dorm room was delayed by an hour and a half!! All because I have no experience on deboarding trains and buses! I stood up with my heavy large three bags on the second floor of the Amtrak train from Sacramento, when it arrived at the Berkeley station (which is beautiful). I moved quickly and a man coming on the train and upstairs let me go past first, but I was too late! the doors were already shut and I couldn't open them. No buttons. No cord. No helpful train conductor or anything! I just yelled and looked everywhere, but resigned myself when I heard, to my luck, that the Emeryville stop was 4 minutes away. I got off there, spoke with a generous ticket man who said I could catch a train at 8pm (it was 7:15 at the time), for free.

I did catch that one, and found the AC transit bus stop easily enough, but couldn't deboard that one on time either because of so many people on it.

Well..now I'm an experienced public transit college student and know better than to wait until a vehicle comes to a complete stop before standing up.

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