October 25, 2006 1:55 PM

Home Sweet Home!

I am always excited about going home and seeing my family, friends, room, and of course kitties! When I was packing Friday afternoon I felt even more excited to go home because Eid was on Monday and I was going to spend it with my family and friends. I got picked up by a friend of mine and I dragged a long my friend Maya with me (she also lives in Sacramento). The train ride is lots of fun when you are with someone else, especially when you watch Wedding Crashers!

Right when we got to Sacramento we got off the train and RAN to Starbucks to get some coffee...yay...I loved my Double Carmel Iced White Mocha..and it definatly is a home signature. Then we went to my house and I was excited to bring home part of Berkeley (Maya..lol). We had dinner, which was nice, and then Maya's mom came to pick her up and our families further bonded. I felt a sense of security knowing my mom knows one of my close Berkeley friends and having her approval. After they left I went to my high school's halloween dance and saw my school for the first time since graduation. It felt really awkward but it was nice at the same time to see people and catch up!

The rest of the weekend I hung out with friends, went shopping, bought all of Target, wrapped presents for Eid, ate lots of ice cream, and celebrated Eid! It was really sad to leave home Monday night (partly because I knew I was going to have SOOO much work to catch up on when I come back home) because I love feeling comfortable, secure, and relaxed at home. I feel like everytime I come to Berkeley I come to only work, stress, do HW, sit in lectures all day, and worry about my midterms. But when I go home I can have fun and relax. Don't get me wrong I have lots of fun at Berkeley, but it seems as if this is the place for work and home is the place for fun and relaxation. But then again, I think it's only because I am so close to my friends and family that I always feel sad at the thought of missing out on so much of their lives while I'm far away!

I am only glad Sacramento is only a 1 hour 45 minute train ride...I better run to my Peace and Conflict lecture!!!

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