October 16, 2006 11:34 AM

The places to be at....

So i know there are alot of places on campus that people dont really know about and i have made it my goal to inform people of these places. So what did i do you may ask? well i borrowed a camera and went out to take pictures of these places. These are places that i enjoy being at either to study or just to relax in between classes. The Student Resource Center in 260 Mulford hall was on my list. Not only do they have the most comfortable couches but its also really quite. Its a good place to take a nap in between classes..or so i have heard...i dont speak by experience...

Plus, the resource has computers and free printing if you decide to do homework! what more can you ask for.

Another of my favorite places to be at is the North Reading Room in Doe Library. This room is so peaceful and quiet good for you just to sit and relax. When i have time i just go up there (to the 2nd floor of doe) and read my favorite magazines. Most people only visit this room during midterms and finals but everyone should visit the north reading room as much as possible. It truly relaxes me plus using the library is free of charge so why not use it.
Just look at the light coming into the room. Doesnt it inspire you to go?

If you dont want to be inside i say you vist the 8th floor of Barrows Hall. The view of city is amazing. It is said to have the second best view after The Campanille. Also, If you like Evans Hall, go up to the tenth floor adn go into the Student Lounge and look a the view it offers...you wll be surprised!!

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