October 28, 2006 11:33 PM

Visiting the Farmer's Market and a Native Plant Fair!

Results of an Asian Pear Varietal Testing at the Berkeley Farmer's Market:

Hosui - my favorite. Complex flavor, not too sweet.
20th Century - green/yellow fruit. This is the one we have growing in our garden at home.
Olympic - crisp, super sweet, but good
Shinko - tastes like crisp water, faint flavor.
Nitaka - strong "blow out your pallette" flavor. Delicious, but too intense of a flavor for me to eat regularly.
Conjuro - wasn't able to try, but sold here.
Shinseiki - wasn't able to try, but sold here.

Today I stopped by the Farmer's Market (located on Center street, just two blocks away from campus). I had a great time! I spent a considerable amount of time poking around the table for the Ecology Center, asking them compost and vegetable gardening questions. I walked away with an "Organic For Life" bumper sticker and a magnet with resource information. I wandered the little street market and spoke with a few of the vendors about the fruit and vegetables they have available, and complimented a couple on the high quality of their produce. I jumped as I saw the boxes of a farm that the University Student Cooperative Association (USCA) gets our pluots and persimmons through. Since I started delivering produce for the student coops in September, I have solidified my understanding of produce, and this trip to the farmer's market showed me that I could comfortably speak with others in this world of plants without feeling uninformed or intimidated. What a great feeling!

After the farmer's market, I hopped on bus #67, which took me to Tilden Park for the much-anticipated Native Plant Fair at the "Here Native Nursery". I had such a great time listening to speakers on various native plant topics, such as landscaping and building a wildlife habitat in your own yard. I spent my time speaking with experts and amateurs alike about advice on planting under the towering eucalyptus trees in my house's backyard. I then wandered the rows of native species, making notes of my favorite blooms and native grasses.

What a great weekend!

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