27 November 2006

Thanks Giving (and Receiving)

Now that we're back from the Thanksgiving break, there's only two weeks of class left before finals. I feel quite unprepared for the semester to be coming to an end, as I feel that in some of the classes we're just beginning to scratch the surface on the material. Although I understand the impracticality of delving deeply into some of the most interesting topics in some of my courses, I still refuse to not feel shortchanged. Just because one can devote their entire life to various aspects of these subjects, doesn't mean I can't get it all in one semester, darn it (I jest, of course)!

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25 November 2006


We have had artichokes growing in my backyard since I can remember. My parents never tried to cook them. But in May, I finally bit the bullet and put those delicious artichoke buds in a pressure cooker. The result was a more poignant artichoke than one you can find at the market. All sorts of delicious. I couldn't believe it: all of this untapped potential hanging out in my backyard year after year. Unfortunately the fruit is small enough that it's a lot of effort to peel and eat, for only a little reward of potent, incredibly delicious artichoke-yums.

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21 November 2006

Dinner = Yum!

Made dinner for the coop tonight. I had an hour and a half to throw together a meal for 10 people. Not as many at home as usual since most everyone is going to see their families for Thanksgiving. I just threw stuff together and it actually worked: Zesty Zuc: 1/8 - cup olive oil 3 - 8" x 1.5" Zucchinis 1 - lemon, juiced over Zucchini, sliced and cooked in the mix 1/2 - bundle green onions 2 - colorful bell peppers 1/2 - white onion Mix in frying pan until flavors blend and Zucchini melts in your mouth. Serve as a side dish. Elegant Eggplant Pasta Sauce: 1 - Globe Eggplant, diced 1/2 - bundle green onions 1/2 - white onion 1 - shallot 1 - small red onion 1 - colorful bell pepper 1 - industrial-size can of tomato paste (1 gallon? Maybe more.) 1 - cup water 7 - sprigs of fresh thyme & sage 1 - cup parmesan cheese, preferably in 1/4" chunks Serve over whole wheat rotini pasta. Delicious warm bread from a bakery on the side, and orange juice to drink made for a successful treat! Everyone was happy to have an unexpected, warm meal. Since it's Thanksgiving week, we have no official schedule for chores and meals. It worked out great, and I had fun cooking. Felt like I was racing against time, and working with only what I could find in the 'fridge. Craziness!

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18 November 2006


Last night was Music & Story night here at our coop. Many people from the house were there and enjoyed the evening, sitting on couch cushions on the floor and listening to one another perform, then salsa dancing late into the night. I swallowed hard and performed a little ditty a capella: "Life for Rent" by Dido. Then a soprano in the house and I sang a traditional hymn that I hadn't heard before, but I made up harmony on the spot and we decided that we'd like to sing together more often. I've been practicing singing often lately, just informal singing for fun while walking to class and the like. It makes me happy to perform for a group. The folks were riveted, people came in to listen from another room, and people came up to me afterward to tell me that they had no idea I could sing like that. It made me so glad, and gives me motivation to grab opportunities to sing in public more often.

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15 November 2006

People's Park

I participated in Berkeley Project Day this past weekend. It was a lot of fun! Our project was to re-establish the Peace Garden at People's Park by turning the weedy soil and planting some hearty flowers. We also did a considerable amount of weeding, raking, and general cleanup around the park. I had a lot of fun meeting service-minded people and watching the progress of our projects. We stopped when we ran out of dumpster space.

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13 November 2006

[insert intriguing title here]

Weeks seem to zip by faster than ever. It's definitely hard to believe that we're already in the twelfth week of school, but there's just so much to occupy yourself with that the expanse of time seems to melt away. This past weekend was the Green Festival, which is, apparently, the largest sustainability event in the U.S. The festival showcased speakers, workshops, organic and natural foods, and a myriad of booths of environmentally friendly businesses and nonprofits. It's definitely pleasing to realize that the demand for organic and earth-friendly products has grown so substantially over the years. However, I left the festival with a mixed feeling, as I started wondering where the increasing globalization and rise of "corporate organics" will lead the sustainability and natural/organic movements.

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10 November 2006


Finally... After countless count-down on how many days are left till Veteran's Day, along with several stressful midterms, plus an unpleasant trip home, I am finally sitting in front of my computer and typing this entry. Even though this may sounds an cliche, but I have to admit that time files! We are already 2/3 through the fall semester and winter break is on its way! Looking back at the past two and a half months, I see myself procarstinating, staying up to finish my assignment the night before deadline, playing UNO that can never be finished in the laundry room, leaving my laundry in the washing machine for more than one hour ... What are your stories?

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10 November 2006

An Unexpected Delight!

I ran into a great band playing by Sather Gate yesterday at lunch. It consisted of 2 men: 1 guy singing & playing the guitar, the other accompanying him on the violin. It sounded great! Turns out they're playing at a Battle of the Bands on Sunday. I hope that folks can go and support this talented group! What: SHAY + 6 bands battle it out for crowd support. And lots of money. Where: Oakland Metro (Opera House), 201 Broadway Ave, Oakland, CA. When: Sunday, Nov 12 @6pm How Much: $8 presale, $10 door (but please get presale from us as it affects their line-up placement!) tix: Contact Shay at shaysayar@gmail.com or 510-649-0314

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09 November 2006


studying in a quiet courtyard. a ladybug in flight landed. a contrast; my black backpack watched its uneaven steps enjoying the sunlight warming wind-induced goosepimply skin.

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02 November 2006

Running against time!

Ok, so I discovered that it was almost impossible for me to meet with my CNR advisor because her office hours are from 1:30-3 on Tue. Wed. Th. Yeah, great..except I have class everyday at 2:00 and no matter how early I get to 206 Mulford (as early as 12:45) I still couldn't get on the wait list early enough to meet with her before I had to run to my class in Barrows...AHHH..I was really frustrated because I needed my advisor code ASAP considering my appointment is on Tuesday and it is already later than a lot of people so my classes are filling up fast! Thankfully, I was reffered to Prof. Loy Volkman, an alternate advisor, and I had to schedule a seperate appointment that I am going to today at 11:30...YAY!!!! If you haven't gotten to meet with your advisor, do so fast, so you don't have to stress like I did!

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