November 25, 2006 3:46 AM


We have had artichokes growing in my backyard since I can remember. My parents never tried to cook them. But in May, I finally bit the bullet and put those delicious artichoke buds in a pressure cooker. The result was a more poignant artichoke than one you can find at the market. All sorts of delicious. I couldn't believe it: all of this untapped potential hanging out in my backyard year after year. Unfortunately the fruit is small enough that it's a lot of effort to peel and eat, for only a little reward of potent, incredibly delicious artichoke-yums.

I learned a lot about artichokes from the California Artichoke Advisory Board:

The pretty artichoke picture is from UCSB's life science website:

Now, don't confuse the artichoke with the Jerusalem Artichoke, which is a root ball from a plant related to sunflowers. It's described as a "lumpy root vegetable with a nutty, crunchy, sweet flesh" (from: It's like a potato, but with insulin instead of starch. Some produce companies market them as a "sunchoke."

Check out this website for more information on Sunchokes, including leafing patterns:

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