November 18, 2006 9:39 AM


Last night was Music & Story night here at our coop. Many people from the house were there and enjoyed the evening, sitting on couch cushions on the floor and listening to one another perform, then salsa dancing late into the night.

I swallowed hard and performed a little ditty a capella: "Life for Rent" by Dido. Then a soprano in the house and I sang a traditional hymn that I hadn't heard before, but I made up harmony on the spot and we decided that we'd like to sing together more often.

I've been practicing singing often lately, just informal singing for fun while walking to class and the like. It makes me happy to perform for a group. The folks were riveted, people came in to listen from another room, and people came up to me afterward to tell me that they had no idea I could sing like that. It made me so glad, and gives me motivation to grab opportunities to sing in public more often.

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