November 2, 2006 10:50 AM

Running against time!

Ok, so I discovered that it was almost impossible for me to meet with my CNR advisor because her office hours are from 1:30-3 on Tue. Wed. Th. Yeah, great..except I have class everyday at 2:00 and no matter how early I get to 206 Mulford (as early as 12:45) I still couldn't get on the wait list early enough to meet with her before I had to run to my class in Barrows...AHHH..I was really frustrated because I needed my advisor code ASAP considering my appointment is on Tuesday and it is already later than a lot of people so my classes are filling up fast! Thankfully, I was reffered to Prof. Loy Volkman, an alternate advisor, and I had to schedule a seperate appointment that I am going to today at 11:30...YAY!!!!

If you haven't gotten to meet with your advisor, do so fast, so you don't have to stress like I did!

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