November 27, 2006 2:16 PM

Thanks Giving (and Receiving)

Now that we're back from the Thanksgiving break, there's only two weeks of class left before finals. I feel quite unprepared for the semester to be coming to an end, as I feel that in some of the classes we're just beginning to scratch the surface on the material. Although I understand the impracticality of delving deeply into some of the most interesting topics in some of my courses, I still refuse to not feel shortchanged. Just because one can devote their entire life to various aspects of these subjects, doesn't mean I can't get it all in one semester, darn it (I jest, of course)!

Thanksgiving, for me, has always marked the start of the dreaded holiday season. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy days off from school, time with my family, warm apple cider, and probably would enjoy chestnuts roasting on an open fire - were I to ever get my hands on any. My main beef with the season is the horrible commercialization of a season I feel would be marked more appropriately by displays of immaterial wealth. With various instances of people injuring one another for financial gain (not counting any sort of emotional negativity spouted about), though nothing new in the least, and with so much attention on what's being bought and "must-have" gifts as well as the focus on what's being spent, it's sometimes hard to really find the "spirit" of the season for me.

I suppose that, as the semester winds to a close and stress builds before finals, I just hope that the modern pace of life and the drive to be consumers could possibly be supplanted by something more of a community-based, genuine spirit of thanks and gratitude for what we do have. In closing for now, if you've read my rantings thus far, thanks - enjoy your day and whatnot.

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