23 December 2006

Happy Holidays

Of course I am glad to be back home. Who isn't? I failed a final on Monday morning (Math 1B), cried until 6 PM and then went home on the plane. It's a long long way to the airport, but the undulating waves of joy helps to alleviate the pain of your aching feet. What am I doing now that I am back home? First thing I did was visit my old high school. Even sat in for a couple classes. My english teacher is applying to law schools and Berkeley is a potential choice. Awkward does not describe the situation well enough. Also, I met with my friends. I don't have a lot of them so that didn't last for very long. Mostly though, I try to keep myself in shape. I run on the treadmill and do the basketball thing whenever I can. Haven't played basketball (or any sport) in a long time so getting out there and breathing oxygen helps you forget how badly you did on your finals. Bearfacts is definitely on my quick link taskbar. I check every morning at 8:01. Then I find that nothing has changed and I sit around for the next couple hours, waiting for the rest of the world to wake up from their slumber. Definitely needing something to do. I so wish I had a car.

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17 December 2006

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays!

Drove up to the house. Christmas decorations up and ready to go. Gave Mom a big hug - I came 2 days earlier than I said I would. I wanted to surprise her. She was happy to see me. Called my aunt and my sister to say hi the minute I came to town.

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15 December 2006

Just Some Random Thoughts

1. Finally, my laptop is back... I just got back my laptop from the repairing place this Monday after three weeks of waiting. Only God knows how I endured through that period when I had to rush through my dinner and then sat in the Unit 2 Computing Center till it is closed... 2.. Finals After scrambling through some limits, derivatives and integrals on Monday, trying to make sense out of some kinematics and thermodynamics on Wednesday, I am done with two of my finals. Yeah, I still have one more to go, for Asian American Studies. The other day I was talking to my friend. We agreed upon that finals from 8 to11 AM is just too early, and you would probably need two alarm clocks so that you can wake up on time. The 12:30 - 3:00 PM ones are OK, except that you will probably starve a few hours because you don't really want to eat a huge meal before taking an exam. The 5:00 - 8:00 PM ones are just too late, and even if that is your last final, you have to wait till the next day to go home. 3. Meal Plan Points I really had a headache when I realized that I still have 300 meal points left, and I have to spend at least 200 points before next Tuesday. I have always believed that "The more, the better." But for those meal points ... the fewer, the better...

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11 December 2006

White and Nerdy

Remember Weird Al? Well, he's done it again.

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09 December 2006

A Day in Tina's Busy Life

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07 December 2006

Garden Goodness!

I've landed the position of Garden Manager for the Ridge House coop next semester! I'm looking forward to tidying up our overgrown backyard, bringing a bit of nourishment to the soil and planting a substantial vegetable and herb garden.

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06 December 2006

Hell Week

Ok, so finals are coming up. The first thing that comes to mind? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Two of my biggest finals are on the first day of finals. I have my math and chem finals next Tuesday. Then I have a huge break and my next final is my upper div. Peace and Conflict final on Saturday from 5-8. Yeah, I know...on SATURDAY NIGHT! I am in that class right now actually, I'm bitter about the final date so I decided to rebel and blog during his class. Ok, I am just kidding we have a 5 minute break considering this is a two hour class. Anyhow, back to the subject...I then have my last final on Monday. The last two finals aren't too bad and I can handle them. Now it's just crunch time for my first two hell finals! Ahhhhhhhhh < once again! Good luck on finals!

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06 December 2006

Winter Break is finally here!!!!

The next two weeks, three for some, seem to be hardest weeks of the semester. What keeps me going is knowing that soon enough, i will be able to relax and sleep all day if i decide to. I love school and im sadden that this is my last fall semester at Cal, but its really time for a break. I have no major plans for this winter break but spend time with my family and friends. Oh and eat delicious home cooked meals....i really miss those considering i cant cook for the life of myself....My goal is to read at least two "good" books and work out. We'll see how that goes :) The only thing that i am not looking forward to is doing all my Christmas shopping in four days. I wont be home until the 20th of December so that means my first three days at home will be dedicated to shopping and gift wrapping. Of course my parents don't wrap the gifts they buy, they wait for me to get home and wrap it for them. Arent they nice? They really are. The good thing about that is that i know what they bought me ahead of time. It wont be a surprise anymore on Christmas day but I will pretend like it is. After that, its relaxing time!! Im ready for Winter Break to start!!!

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06 December 2006

Long Time No See

Okay one big thing when it comes to Berkeley: things get carried away. Case in point. This blog. It's not easy to keep up with stuff when so many other things demand your attention. Last time I blogged, I thought that I would be able to find time for at least an entry every week or so. Turns out, that's what my midterms thought too. So for the next oh ... four or five weeks I had at least one midterm per week. So when the smoke cleared and I finally staggered out of my last one (Math 1B), I had taken a staggering 10. What would I have written about in my blog? "I have another midterm next week. I gotta study for it. Work hard and you get good results." I might as well been copying and pasting. Then it was over and I rushed off to Thanksgiving. Now I am back and time to study for finals! Is this how it's always going to be at Berkeley? I have a couple friends at UCLA and they get tired of me telling them I am studying for another test whenever they ask me what is up. (They never, however, get tired of telling me where they were when UCLA beat the Trojans - and how the Bears lost to USC by like "a trillion and one points") Life is repetitive. Luckily! This won't happen next semester. Realizing the blindingly obvious, I have decided not to take three science courses next semester and instead try for only ... none. Oh yeah. Telebears. What's with the name anyway? I've yet to see a real bear on campus. It should be called TelePigeon. The name also fits because all the classes fly away before your very eyes. Six spots open one morning and then 100 on the waiting list the next. Enough to make you gouge your eyes out. I've started studying for finals so things will be few and far between for the next week or so. Whenever I start to procrastinate I keep getting into my head the image of my father telling me about his life story, "When I was a little boy I had to carry grains of sand from one beach to the other. And they only allowed us to take one grain at a time! But I did it because I didn't procrastinate. That's why you don't procrastinate!" Ridiculous story, Dad. Thanks for giving me a lame way to end this entry.

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01 December 2006


So, Phase II of Telebears (Cal's online system for class enrollment) has come and gone for me, and I'm waitlisted on half of the classes I want for spring. After miraculously not ending up on a waiting list this semester, I neglected to fully take into consideration that, since I'm a CRS major and taking interdisciplinary courses which often reserve only a select number of spots for students not in the major the course was designed for, my schedule might not be finalized until sometime after the beginning of next semester. As almost all environmental work requires a range of disciplines, it seems (albeit, selfishly) that there should be some assurance in accessing those courses. Therein lies a caveat - plan early, and pick those classes with caps on the number of non-majors allowed early. Random link to a more amusing caveat.

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