December 1, 2006 10:40 AM


So, Phase II of Telebears (Cal's online system for class enrollment) has come and gone for me, and I'm waitlisted on half of the classes I want for spring. After miraculously not ending up on a waiting list this semester, I neglected to fully take into consideration that, since I'm a CRS major and taking interdisciplinary courses which often reserve only a select number of spots for students not in the major the course was designed for, my schedule might not be finalized until sometime after the beginning of next semester. As almost all environmental work requires a range of disciplines, it seems (albeit, selfishly) that there should be some assurance in accessing those courses. Therein lies a caveat - plan early, and pick those classes with caps on the number of non-majors allowed early.

Random link to a more amusing caveat.

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