December 6, 2006 10:18 AM

Long Time No See

Okay one big thing when it comes to Berkeley: things get carried away.

Case in point. This blog. It's not easy to keep up with stuff when so many other things demand your attention. Last time I blogged, I thought that I would be able to find time for at least an entry every week or so. Turns out, that's what my midterms thought too. So for the next oh ... four or five weeks I had at least one midterm per week. So when the smoke cleared and I finally staggered out of my last one (Math 1B), I had taken a staggering 10. What would I have written about in my blog? "I have another midterm next week. I gotta study for it. Work hard and you get good results." I might as well been copying and pasting.

Then it was over and I rushed off to Thanksgiving. Now I am back and time to study for finals! Is this how it's always going to be at Berkeley?

I have a couple friends at UCLA and they get tired of me telling them I am studying for another test whenever they ask me what is up. (They never, however, get tired of telling me where they were when UCLA beat the Trojans - and how the Bears lost to USC by like "a trillion and one points") Life is repetitive.

Luckily! This won't happen next semester. Realizing the blindingly obvious, I have decided not to take three science courses next semester and instead try for only ... none.

Oh yeah. Telebears. What's with the name anyway? I've yet to see a real bear on campus. It should be called TelePigeon. The name also fits because all the classes fly away before your very eyes. Six spots open one morning and then 100 on the waiting list the next. Enough to make you gouge your eyes out.

I've started studying for finals so things will be few and far between for the next week or so. Whenever I start to procrastinate I keep getting into my head the image of my father telling me about his life story, "When I was a little boy I had to carry grains of sand from one beach to the other. And they only allowed us to take one grain at a time! But I did it because I didn't procrastinate. That's why you don't procrastinate!"

Ridiculous story, Dad. Thanks for giving me a lame way to end this entry.

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