January 20, 2007 10:20 AM

Back From The Writhing Clutches of Old Man Winter? Not Really.

Took a break I did. A long long long Winter Break. I don't know about you but I can get used to four week sabbaticals.

To tell you what I did over the break would be to advertise unspeakable acts our University can never sanction. You know, things like reading and stuff.

To those who want to go to Berkeley, get a rolly luggage thing if you don't want to lug 30 pounds of luggage through treacherous locales such as Oakland. I totally utterly forgot how arduous and lactose-infused the feat was. And even in that case I had that rolling luggage. Earlier occasions I had a strap-on-shoulder-ruin-your-pitching-career-forever bag. I give myself full credit and admiration for my Herculean triumph.

Last year I took science classes such as Math 1B and Chem 1A. I really admire the geniuses who are moving on to Chem 3A and Math 53. Good Lord knows I sneezed through on sheer, goggle eyed luck. This semester I am taking something outside of the standard science/engineering criteria my electrical engineer father suggested: stuff like film and economics.

Totally unrelated and random but I'll tie it into Cal life so I won't get deleted off this blog: I told Google Finance to keep real time track of certain stocks I bought earlier this year and lately - because class is still starting and calm-before-storm kind of thing - I have taken to wasting the huge amount of spare time I have to draw out my own stock charts. On paper. With a pen. Like good old J. P. Morgan used to do it. My roomie thinks he's rooming with a crazy American-Psycho Jason Bateman or whatever now. More power to me. Least he doesn't bring in visitors anymore.

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