February 10, 2007 10:15 PM

A bit about North Side

I live in Ridge House, and love it. It's one of the student cooperatives through the USCA. We're a block away from the UC's North Gate, and about two minutes away from all of my classes. So, North Side is a great place to live if you're studying in CNR because you're the closest you could possibly get to these buildings: Koshland, Genetics & Plant Biology Teaching, Valley Life Science Building, Giannini, Tollman, Mulford, among others. You're also very close to the Doe and Moffit libraries. The North side of campus is quieter than the South, East, or West sides of campus. It's lined with old houses that have been converted into apartments, newer apartment buildings, and several cooperatives. Such a landscape emotes a different vibe than the run-down and bum-ridden South Side, or the frat & sorority- plagued East side.

Here's the sign from a fun niche bookstore that's on Euclid.

And some fun teacups outside Nefeli Cafe

There's more great stuff on this side of campus. Try continuing down the street as you walk through the UC's North Gate. You'll find inexpensive beer and pizza at La Val's, delicious sandwiches at Stuffed Inn, unique teacups and crisp croissants at Nefeli, fresh smoked Gouda at 7 Palms, squeezed juice and coffee at Brewed Awakening. Sure, North Side doesn't have Strada or Jupiter, but it's still a fun place to live, or just hang out.

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