February 9, 2007 1:10 PM

Berkeley, CA VS Grand Forks, ND

Berkeley is, by far, the best place that I’ve ever lived. It’s this incredible fluxing nexus of youth, culture, and art, somehow lodged in a small city. I’m from Belmont, a sleepy little burg about 40 miles south of here. It’s nice digs for the elderly and young couples eager to start families, but it’s not quite idyllic for a college age guy looking for high adventure. Accordingly, when college acceptance letters came in, my brother (oddly also named Eric, henceforth referred to as Eriq) and I were both quite excited as we’d both been accepted to our schools of choice; UND with it’s unmatched aeronautics department for Eriq, and UCB with its unmatched reputation for progressiveness and liberal forethought for me.

We’ve both spent considerable time exploring our new surroundings and I figure it’s about time to explore one of the burning questions that keeps me up late at night; if the UCB and UND (along with their surrounding areas) were to morph into giant fighting robots/monsters (with the associated laser eye beams/kung-fu grip action) who would win? Prepare yourselves my intrepid readers, as we explore the good, the bad and the ugly in this epic grudge-match. (Yeah…uhhh... big school rivalry here, sure!) Two giant-school-robot-monsters will enter the thunder-dome but only one will survive. While I will seek to keep all bias out of the proceedings, readers with sensitivities to lopsided ass-whoopings may wish to leave this weblog and never return!

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