February 8, 2007 12:18 PM

Ceanothus in bloom!

Today my California Plant Life took a field trip to the UC Botanical Garden. I'm pretty familiar with the place, as you folks already know. Here's proof:

It's a bad image, but it's my name tag from the UC Botanical Garden. Last semester I was there 7-9 hours/week working on signage, collecting flowering (phenology) data, and updating their endangered species list. This semester it's only 6 hours/week, but I still have a lot of fun over there with Holly and Barbara in curation.

So, today we went with my California Plant Life course. Our trusty GSI Christopher took us on a journey through some significant natives and their habitats.
Here's a photo of Christopher showing students the attributes of a plant.

My notes from the journey!
Ceanothus. Beautiful blue or white flowers, found along stream-beds or mountainsides. One of the more showy California tree shrubs. Its flowers are soapy when crushed and mixed with water. It lives 10-20 years, then dies.

More to come... right now I need to run to class!

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