February 14, 2007 4:14 PM

Classes I'm taking Spring 2007

I'm taking five courses this semester, four of them for my major, one for fun.
MCB 102 Survey of the Principles of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
NST C114 Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology
PH 150A Epidemiology (the study of diseases)
UGBA 96 Personal Finances
Chem3BL OChem Lab

Guess which is the fun class....Personal Finances. =) That's the great thing about Molecular Toxicology. There's so much room to explore since our only breadth requirement is 22 units in the Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Philosophy & Values, or Foreign Language. That covers pretty much everything you would want to study. Actually, it doesn't cover my Personal

Finance course because UGBA 96 falls under undergraduate study of business administration. However, I will be studying abroad next year in Japan where I won't be able to take any toxicology classes (hum.. I wonder why), so I'll be fully enjoying the Humanities and other fun classes. I haven't taken that many humanities courses at Berkeley, but this is not due to a lack of great courses. On the contrary, our humanities courses are too great that it's simply difficult to get into a class unless you have good priority. It's the luck of the draw and last semester, I had horrible priority. I almost made it into a humanities class at waitlist number 22 in a class of 200, but it wasn't good enough. Okay fine, I was a long shot from that. Thank God I didn't actually make it into the class though because it had a paper due Feb 23, the same day my MCB 102, NST C114, and PH 150A courses have a midterm. bam bam bam. UGBA 96 has a midterm on the 21st. Oh what fun next week will be. ^^

Best Regards,
K. Lee

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