February 26, 2007 9:16 PM

FAFSA & Taxes

Yep, it's that time of the year again! Yay! Tax time. FAFSA is due this Friday and of course I'm sitting here trying to figure everything out at the last minute. I have a few words of advice for you folks - don't trust anyone to do your paperwork other than yourself. My fiance wanted to deal with the taxes this year, so I collected all of the paperwork in an envelope for him, then placed it on his desk for him to help me with. I told him that it needed to be done by March 1. Then - it's lovely... he let it sit there for the past 4 weeks. When I reminded him this weekend that I need to have everything done by March 1st, he of course says "Why didn't you tell me that?!" Then proceeded to call his dad and ask him how to do my taxes. Mind you, I'm not stupid. And I am 24. I have done my own taxes for a few years. I don't need him to do my taxes... but somehow I convinced myself that it was a good thing to let him worry about them. Well, folks, now I'm hoping that I get my financial aid application in on time. Don't make my mistake - take these silly things into your own hands - as I will be sure to do in the future. What a pain!

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