February 18, 2007 1:45 PM

I Am Not Maximizing My Production Possibilities Frontier

I decided to take a couple minutes out of my Econ studying to tell you an interesting story that happened to me yesterday. Essentially this is what I focus on when I am out of the books.

I was eating dinner at the DC when I saw across the room, a pretty girl sitting at the table. Eating alone. While shoveling corn into my mouth I wondered why she was sitting alone. She wasn't stunning or anything but she was certainly good looking enough not to warrant a companion.

I switched off the corn and then moved on to the beef lasagna (some Italian ditty started playing in my head at the same time). I asked myself first, why didn't this girl get take out if she was going to dine alone? She wasn't reading anything or looking at anything just other than her food. She was staring at her food and eating it.

Maybe, she was going to meet up with someone but that someone stood her up and now she is sitting sadly staring at her food and unable to lift her sad head up from underneath the sagging weight of her sadness. Maybe this guy was her best friend since like elementary school and they finally fell for each other during junior year of high school during prom and they planned their colleges together and decided to pick Berkeley so that they can go get an awesome education and become rich so they can buy a small cabin up in San Luis Obispo where he would teach students in security analysis.

I like to think up stories for people that I see. Especially the weird ones. Then the story got even weirder. She smiled. Randomly. Wasn't listening to anything or looking at anything other than her dessert of a lonely pineapple (ugh that fruit sucks) slice. Just smiled. I was like what in holy pigeon pooping marginal benefit tarnation was that about?

I revised my story. She's just like that guy in A Beautiful Mind and is talking to people who are not really there. Then she'll go back to her dorm and scribble genius equations on the board marrying the male version of Jennifer Connelly once she gets out of college and find before long a book written about her. A smile, I wondered to myself, what the heck was THAT about?

She left soon after and I never got to talk to her and figure out the true story but most of the time the stories that I get from people are never as entertaining as the ones I make up in my head. And who knows maybe I get right once and a while?

Next week's fun fun fun topic, poker chips that are made of clay and not plastic.

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Comments (1)

Jon, I used to do this same thing with my mother when I was little! We liked to sit in Thrifty's ice cream parlor and watch the people go buy. We called this game "What are they here for?"

Posted by Eva St. Clair | 2007-02-19

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