February 7, 2007 11:37 AM

I Live at Foothill

I am going to rhapsodize about my dorm. Foothill.

I live at Foothill, that merry merry Foothill,
Listen to me rhaposdize all about it you will,
It is built on a slope, a stable one I hope,
You carry stuff up to it, water, drinks and soap,
Your legs and knees will take a beating,
You lose everything you've been eating,
Your stomach line gets a litter thinner,
You are free to eat bigger dinners,
Once you move in to the Hill,
Life ain't so run of the mill,
You wanted your life to be love and peace,
Well, you'll definitely get the latter at least,
At Foothill, we all love each other,
You are all on a single ship (it's got a frozen rudder),
The fog is dense, the air is cool,
Up here, the squirrels and pigeons rule,
I saw a cute little blue bird fly around,
It made a really hawking sound,
That's all the wild life that I've found,
Well, all the ones I've seen around.

Yes. At least I know that if my Berkeley education doesn't work out, I can always moonlight as a soulful rapper/songwriter.

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