February 11, 2007 2:02 PM

My little Garden

As the garden manager at a student coop, it's pretty frustrating work. Especially when the previous person in my position wasn't diligent. Been spending a considerable amount of time weeding and generally getting frustrated. My garden log is my only solace. It shows me that, yes, I have completed a lot, yes I have made progress - even if it's not quite as I intended. The reality is that there's considerably more work to be done than any one person can hope to accomplish in 5 hours a week.

Here's a few images from our frightful little garden. Hopefully the photos that I post at the end of the semester will be more encouraging.

Walk down into the garden

Look to the side, you'll see this climbing rose

Turn the corner, here's what you see

Look around, you'll see a little more

Budding daffodil in the front yard

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