February 7, 2007 11:29 PM

One down, 7 more to go!

Ok so my second semester of college is officially in action. I feel like I totally own this semester, and by own it, I mean I knew how to pick my classes, how to get into full classes, how to plan out my breaks, how to get connected with my GSIs and professors right away, how to handle office hours, how to use SLC study groups, how to manage my free time, and how to get HW done without freaking out. Sounds all fancy and dandy right? WRONG!!!!

Oh course, nothing is that easy in Berkeley. See I totally owned it for the first 2 weeks, after that I kinda lost it. Not because I stopped "knowing how to manage my life", but because I realize I can never get ahead in my classes without completely breaking out of my social life. There is always more reading to do, more books to buy, more problem sets to solve, more review sessions to go to, more essays to write, and of course my favorite part...more molecules to memorized in Organic Chemistry.

But to be honest, because I have all this work I feel like I am more motivated to get things done so I can feel the sense of great accomplishment in the end and defeat the challenge Berkeley imposes on its students. What can I say, Berkeley is Berkeley and if I wanted an easy A I probably should have gone to Stanford and got some overrated and unchallenging education.

Go Bears!

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