February 21, 2007 5:09 PM

Preparing for Japan Study Abroad

Even since being accepted into the study abroad year program in Japan, I've vibrated between excited and worried. I'm a detailed oriented person, so I've been trying to figure out and plan for when I go abroad. I'm not impatient, I'm just focused. There's an orientation meeting for Japan study abroads in April. That's a couple months away and many things need to be planned for in advance. For example, money exchange. It's forecasted that the dollar will weaken against the yen in the coming months--in fact, it already has. Where it was 120.+ yen to the dollar, now its at 119.+ yen to the dollar. Sure, what's a yen difference. It makes quite a bit of difference when you're talking about the USD$20,000 estimated cost of the trip. While a portion of that is paid directly to UC Berkeley to pay to ICU (International Christian University), much of that will become Yen (the Jpn currency).

Since it's only a few more months before I leave, I've decided to practice and use my currently nonexistent Japanese in the hopes that it will become somewhat existent by the time I arrive. I went online and found a e-penpal (e-mail pal?). Let's call her...Mina. Mina's the same age as me and lives in Japan. Unlike me, she's not attending school at the moment; she's working as an importer and salesclerk. I'd say our relationship is a type of mutualism. She wants to improve her English and I my Japanese. We have concise (another way of saying short) e-mails. Yet, I'm learning so much. Just using it and making my brain think in Japanese has been quite helpful.

Anyways, I should go off and study for midterms. Two down, two more to go. whee~

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Respect, big time! I´ve always dreamed of studying in Japan - such an enthralling country, so different from my own.

Posted by Tom | 2007-11-18

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