February 19, 2007 12:52 AM

SLC...what a concept!

I bet you've heard about the Student Learning Center. I did too. Yet, I refused to use their services which were publicized almost everywhere I went. "I don't need anyone's help!" I thought vainly. However, after suffering through Chem 1A last semester, I decided to give the SLC study groups a shot for Organic Chemistry and if I didn't like them, I could always drop out. I signed up for the MW 2-4 study group and ever since my first session I have fallen in love with the SLC completely. My study group leader is a genius. The first hour of the session he lectures us and goes over tough material from Professor Freche. The next hour we spend solving a worksheet together that he prepared for us. The beautiful part of the worksheet is that he compiles problems from past O-Chem tests from Freche, Pederson, etc and puts those that apply to the lecture on the worksheet so we can practice AND get used to their exam questions. GENUIS I TELL YOU! The study group has been keeping me on track and it’s a great way to study. Plus, think of it this way, consider the SLC study group a class that you have to attend, and if you do, then you have 4 hours of chem studying guaranteed per week. So for those of you who go home after class and "forget" about o-chem, the 4 hours or outlines studying is a big help. IF you haven't visited the SLC, do so soon before you dig yourself in a hole too deep to dig out of!


Once a stubborn "independent" Berkeley student!

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