February 18, 2007 2:35 PM

The Cute Table

When we moved into our apt, one of my roommates found this small table the size of an ottoman. We never used it because it was too short. It was sitting in my closet taking up space. Finally, I asked my roommate if we still needed it. She said, "No, you can throw it away." Immediately, I grabbed my keys and took the table outside. As I was walking back into the apartment building, I hear a squeal, "Ooh, this table is so cute!" I look around and there's this girl walking to the table. She pushes on it to make sure that it doesn't wiggle (it doesn't, it's quite sturdy). Then she picks it up and walks away. Golly, it didn't even last five seconds outside. =)

So yup. You get most of your student furniture from the streets.

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