February 6, 2007 7:42 AM

Working on Working

This semester is going to be just as full as last semester no matter how hard I try to shed off extracurricular activiites! I was pretty dejected in December when I found out my new college GPA, and I concluded that it was because I went to meetings every night of the week and always had full weekends with volunteering or dancing. All this resulted in homework coming second to activities.. so maybe I got an A in trying all that Berkeley student groups tempted me with, but, well, not an A in academics. As a suggestion to incoming freshmen-- LISTEN to people when planning your schedule.. like how they said take the minimum class units, don't overload yourself, take time to adjust.. etc. Sophomores on my floor predicted my personal failure (I am no longer a 4.# student), but I thought I was a superhero.

This semester I love my classes! Well, they're not always crazy interesting, but I chose them all and got them all and I have fluent GSIs. I'm taking Nutri Sci 10, Chem 3A (organic), Math 54 (linear algebra), Span 25 (literature), and an archeaology seminar. If you haven't noticed, no more environmental economics and policy major. I am hoping to switch to Nutritional Science in CNR, since I've been fascinated by nutrition since sophomore yr of high school and I detest working on making more money. I laugh at myself now, but I was naive. I took EEP thinking I could use it to be a policy-maker or at least understand how the world deals with the environment in the business and political realm. I learned what I wanted- but much more than I asked for.. so many line graphs and economic concepts, not too hard, but just not interesting. I recommend the class, even if it's not my major anymore- if you want to learn why pollution still exists.

As a small note, Cafe 3 opened up this semester! (Unit 3's Dining Commons) And it has a fun ambiance and the best juicy cucumbers. It doesn't match up to Crossroads as far as vegetarian hot food options, but there is a Pho station, tons of fresh fruit, a waffle maker, a sushi bar, good pizza, custom-made omelettes, and daily pastries like at the GBC. They also have great cauliflour- haha..yes I look forward to that more than the pastries. It's fun there meeting more people by chance than at Crossroads since it's smaller and it's right in front of my building, Norton. I can't write up a whole review of all the DCs yet.. I have to visit Foothill and Clark Kerr more.

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Comments (4)

Oh my goodness! Ellyse!!! you're on the CNR website!!! how cool!!!

Posted by Lisa Veliz | 2007-03-12

Whooooah, hey Ellyse! I had forgotten that this was your major. I'm probably going to do it too, how cool is that?

Posted by Liz Nelson | 2007-04-02

"I took EEP thinking I could use it to be a policy-maker or at least understand how the world deals with the environment in the business and political realm" I want to take EEP because I want to be a policy-maker or at least propose some regulation, but after I read your blog I sort of feel discouraged now. I'm still deciding between EEP or aerospace engineering at Cal Poly. I don't even know what kind of jobs are there for EEP, I need more research but I think it is better to ask someone who is actually taking EEP right now. What do you suggest, will this major take me to policy-making?

Posted by John Cortez | 2007-04-03

Hey John - you can find all kinds of information about EEP on the CNR Website: EEP Major. There is information there on the types of careers you can go into with EEP and policy-making is absolutely one of them. Many EEP graduates continue on to become lawyers, politicians, consultants, and entrepreneurs, or they go to graduate school and become professors. All of these people directly influence policy for the environment.

Posted by Eva St. Clair | 2007-08-03

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