March 1, 2007 10:14 PM

Alpha Phi Omega

One activity I've pledged my life to is Alpha Phi Omega. It's a community service fraternity. (Yes, I'm a girl, and I'm in a frat.) It's co-ed.
Q: Why didn't they just make it a community service club? Why a frat?
A: Because if we're a frat, we get to have a secret handshake. ^^ Well that part is true, but originally, APhiO (as we like to call Alpha Phi Omega) was begun sort of as an extension of the Eagle Scouts (as in boy scouts). Later, we became unassociated, and now assist the Boy Scouts once in a while.
Q: What makes APhiO different from the other community service clubs?
A: AphiO is a community. You get to know the people that you serve with. You don't just serve with them, you also hang out together, eat together, and have fun together. It's a lifestyle. Mandatory fun is fun.
Q: So what do I do if I want to join?
A: Pledge next semester. It's too late now. mwahahhaahah

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